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09 December 2008


Nathan James

I am reading the indictment now. It looks BAD for the Illinois governor. If Blagojevich is convicted, will he share a cell with his predecessor, Gov. Ryan, who is in the federal hoosegow for corruption himself?

Doug Cooper-Spencer

What is his problem? Oh yeah, greed. From what I understand, his approval rating isn't high in the first place. Oh well, The Machine is still in place in Illinois.


This is sad. Obama is mentioned in some of the wiretaps, but it is likely he was not involved. The real issue is whether any close associates were. I hope that Obama's hands are clean, and if he has dealings with anyone involved he needs to kick them to the curb now!!


Only a million dollars for a US Senate Seat? That's a bargain; John Corzine had to spend 70 million to get his 12 years ago. As mother always said, "You can be easy darling; don't be cheap". So much for the reformer...


Greed is evil. All we ask is that people be ethical in their work and do the right thing.


I am sure our favorite uncle Tom Alan Keyes is licking his chops on this one.


Obama was mentioned on the tapes when Blagojevich called him a m*****f****r and said, "f*** him" when referring to Obama. I don't think people have to worry about Obama being involved in any way with this. This is all on Blagojevich himself. Apparently, Obama and Blagojevich are not really good friends.

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