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10 December 2008



Now that is a sexy man.


I love John Legend's confidence and his style. He is very very comfortable in stylish clothes and loves his appearance. Just like his music.

Allen H

John looks good. I wonder is Breion Diamond still tapping that?


LOL. Allen you were wrong for that.

But i am sure he still is, lol!


That is a really hot photo in the jacket. Sexy lips.

Darren S

John Legend can fill out almost anything. He is thick in all the right places and has a luscious phatty. He wears these clothes very well.

Marcus VanNoir

Mr. Legend's new joint is starting to grow on me (trk #10 me luvs) but I just hope he doesn't go over board with the hyper-hetero role he's forced to play for the industry. I would luv to hit it tho.

C. Baptiste-Williams

that leather coat is sick!! i want it.

Quniton M

Those really are great photos. John Legend is such a hot handsome guy.


Rod, you and C. Baptiste hit it home. That leather jacket is off the hook.

Franco Montessori

This is Franco in Italia. I am half black my father was American air force.

This is a very nice issue L'uomo, how do you get Italian magazines so frequent? But it look very good I like blog very much fashion and news about black gay men. Magnifico!


I have no idea why black gay men hope/assume John Legend is gay or bi. There are photos of him with an erection as he grinds into women. Sounds very straight to me.


...just because has an erection as he grinds into a woman in a photo doesn't mean he couldn't also be attracted to men as well...not saying Legend is...I, of course, have no way of knowing, but honestly men mind's gay, straight or bi are naturally consumed by sexual curiosity...especially if a fellow is deemed attractive, it's naive to think any different...it doesn't mean people should spread malicious gossip, but i'm certain he has learned to put things like this into perspective being in the entertainment industry...hello!

Joey Bahamas

I saw that suit and I was like please tell me that's Tom Ford...and there it was. Brilliant!



John can ROCK some threads! He should look into modeling as well. Great read Rod!

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