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03 December 2008


Derrick from Philly

THis is something I was hoping for: a OPENLY gay cabinet member in President Obama's Administration.

Sometimes the chief executive of the country can force a change of mind on the rest of the country (LBJ appointing Thurgood Marshall).

It would send a powerful message about Obama's (and the Democratic Party's) promise of inclusion; and more importantly, that Gay Americans are a fact of life--and some are even respected enough to be appointed as decision makers in the highest offices of the land. (well, we've actually already had some powerful homos, but they weren't out of the closet).


Names Derrick names! lol

Are we talking about ambiguous folks like Ms. Condi?


always trying to drag someone out of the closet...

you dont know what is going on in Dr. Rice's personal life.

C. Baptiste-Williams

G I totally agree about the Dr. Rice comment... speculation without evidence is sad and dangerous.

With that said... it is good to see how inclusive Obama's Cabinet is becoming. it is definitely a good time to be in DC.


No I don't know her personal life 'G' which is why I referred to her jokingly as 'ambiguous'.

C Baptiste if you took the time to google Condi + lesbian, there has been speculation for years going back to the late 90s when she was Provost at Stanford University and living with and sharing a line of credit with a female documentary filmmaker. Maybe they were just good girlfriends, but it’s enough to make you go hmmmmm.


like you said Otis... speculation. try spending more time worried about your own personal life than trying to 'out' someone who may not be gay.

and life isnt black and white just because you think something may be 'ambiguous' there could be several reasons to why it is what it is.

C. Baptiste Williams

lol @ took the time to google...

i dont have time to research speculation and gossip and if i did i would research Barack and his birth certificate from "kenya" or another ludicris story


Reading Is Fundamental G. Speculation is just that, speculation. I asked a question…didn’t make a STATEMENT about her orientation. You may be new here so some homework might be necessary. There’s a lot of good natured speculation on this blog. Just check out past postings of Bow Wow and Omarion. Its all in fun so lighten up.


funny...people routinely assume that people are straight from mere appearances...and yet...that never seems to ruffle any feathers...

gay is not the new black...just the same ole...taboo...


Just to set a record straight: Condi Rice and Randy Bean are very good friends. Rice and Bean own title to Bean's home because Bean had very severe cash flow problems several years ago and Condi cosigned a mortgage to Bean's home to help get Bean's home refinanced. Condi does not live with Bean.

Bean has, at least once, "come out" as a straight woman, denying any romantic relationship with Rice and saying that they have been friends for 20 years.

This does not mean that Condi is not gay. It simply means that Condi and Randy Bean are not in a relationship.

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