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15 December 2008



Some of us are old enough to remember the "riots" of the late 1960s. Those riots got white people's attention even though most of the damage occured in black neighborhoods. I don't support property damage in any way but maybe some activist gays are taking a page out of that 1960s playbook: no more Mr. Nice Gay.


The gays? I thought that it would have been witches since she and her fellow church goers are faird of them, I guess not enough blacks in town to scapegoat before the facts come out.


We don't burn churches - that's something for the Klan to do. We're the good folks, we don't use someone's religion against them despite them using their religion against us, and despite the fact that we are being scapegoated. Gays are the lattest in a long line of them. But as Booker T Washington said, "If you're going to keep the black man in the gutter, you have to be in the gutter to keep him there." Let's lower our hands to our oppressors and help them out of the gutter..


I am a black gay man and have been out of the closet for more years than many of you are old and I will be the first to say I am not for this gay marriage B/S.

The only gay people that will benefit from this sudden hot button issue are upper income or out right rich gays, race be damned.

I hope for the sake of the working class white gays (who for the most part make up the majority of the protesters but don't know they are being used by their elite for the benefit of the elite)it turns out not to be true that it was started by gay people.

Many of them have no health insurance already and there can be repercussions from republicans such as funding issues than can cause an avalanche of problems they can ill afford. Yes, I know black gay men will suffer too but back to the article.

This is not the way to go to make a point. And I personally hope they fail at getting gay marriage legalized.

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