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10 December 2008


Danny Rivera

I am so mad and angered at this crime. This is the second anti Ecuadoran hate crime recently. The other was also fatal. God bless this man's family.

Steven R

these men were cowards, i hope and pray they are caught and get life in prison, what a horror show

Allen H

i'm very hopeful the police will catch the punks who did this. very cowardly and probably dealing with their own hidden homothug desires.


Just awful. So much for finding the American dream.


I would hate to be in that family right now. This is just a crying shame. I pray for this family.


Don't worry brothers. These men will be caught. They are stupid and they will do something that will give them away. I give it 10 days or sooner. I have another prediction but i'll keep it to myself for now.

Quniton M

Pathetic. And in the nation's biggest city and supposedly a gay mecca.


Throw the book at them


New York City is not the gay mecca many people beleive. Many partsof Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens and of course Staten are very working class and hostile to gays. Change is slow.


New York City is not really a gay mecca. There are certain parts here and there that are gay-friendly. Manhattan is gay friendly in certain parts (The Village, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen). Brooklyn (Park Slope, Fort Greene), Queens (Jackson_heights), Bronx(?), Staten Island (Hell No) are less gay-friendly.

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