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30 December 2008


alicia banks


great news

somebody go run and tell rick warren and his bbff barack obama!


Mel Smith

Very good. That act is a step forward.




This is good news....look out for Tanzania as well...it's all about power of course but they are getting a momentum in the West and the pres is really wanting to be an icon, so, sigh at least this will show change..

Taylor Siluwé

Very good news, especially from a place where news about us is usually bad.

Kevin Perez

Why does Africa continue to be fixated with Christanity and Islam? ARE THESE RELIGIONS INDIGINEOUS TO THE CONTINENT? Is homosexuality really un-African? What were the attitudes of the African people towards sexuality BEFORE Jesus and Allah came into the picture?


So somehow Allah and Jesus are un-black/ not African? So anything that happened in Africa 'before YT' arrived' was necessarily okay? Homosexuality wasn't accepted all over the continent either, you know. And even if it was it was in that 'boy-wife/warrior woman-gets-a-wife heterosexualizing of homosexuality' type of way...

But on to the news, I'm glad they are fghting this and its only a shame that so few are willing to do so, but hell, how can you blame them?

James Hipps

Baby steps! Sometimes they wobble,some times they fall on their butts, but as long as they continue to get up and move forward, one day they'll learn how to run!

Kevin Perez


You should read my post again. Those were questions, not claims. Would you be so kind to explain me how Christianity and Islam are Black/African then? Because so many seem to get upset at the strong glorification of the two religions that many have CLAIMED are not indiginenous to Africa and are used as scrapegoats against LBGT folk in that region.

In fact, I also here that Black people are some sort of lost tribe of Israel or something. So there for man on man is a NO. Maybe it's Rastas I'm thinking about. I'm not dumb enough to not know there were countries were the act of homosexuality was NOT TOLERATED, so it's just not certain parts of Africa either.

Hell, then again, there are claims that Natives of the West Indies and the Americas praticed it before colonial times. However, there's so much opposition on both sides for such claims, so it does leave me wondering.

Mel Smith

Kevin, we cannot scapegoat Islam and Christianity because man is responsiblie for using religion to oppress others. Not all Christians and not all Muslims use their religion to oppress gays. Only those that are prejudiced and brainwash do so.

Mel Smith

Also read "Boy Wives and Female Husbands." African traditional cultures did not have a problem with gay people or homosexuality. Brothers and sisters, you guys need to study your history and don't become brainwash by what prejudice people tell you.

Kevin Perez

Mel Smith:


The point I made was these religions are used to scrapegoat LGBT folk in Africa. So, yeah, what's Africa's take on homosexuality? This includes lesbians and the transgendered. Again, history has shown that not every country in the world was open to it. So yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if their was opposition before Jesus and Allah where shoved down the throats of African people.

Kevin Perez

I'm sorry, I meant ''the throats of the African people''.

Mel Smith

Kevin, if you research the information on your own, you would know how history responded to homosexuality. For starters, read "Boy Wives and Female Husbands" by Bill Roscoe and William Murray. It will provide some insight into how traditional African cultures viewed homosexulaity. Research the information; don't make a conclusion based on popular prejudices.

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