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18 December 2008


Jerry Hall

Not a single one. this gets curiouser and curiouser


This really isn't a problem for me.


It's not a problem for me either but it does seem a little odd. Obama "mentioned" gays and lesbians in several speeches and so many of us are treating him like he walks on water. i am holding my cards until it'[s time for him to 'do' something.

Of course he is now reaching out to evangelicals so does this mean his white house will cave into them when policy is voted?

And will black LGBTs continue to ignore that too? cuz it seems quite a few of use are defending Rick Warren's selection.

Andy Niable

Dear President-Elect: The Employee Non-Discrimination Act, which you pledged to work for, which polls very well nationally for passage (especially in such a tight economy) would sure make a nice consolation prize. And a good start...


Since you're "tired" of this blog or topic, you're now banned. RM


Who is this silly Brklynbro queen?

That's right girlfriend, there is not ONE gay man qualified to run a federal agency.


You really are ghetto. But if you're used to table scraps, i guess they taste good.

Pieter Vanderhoeven

I am sure there will be appointments coming. Hopefully


There are many things to consider when appointing someone to a cabinet position and just maybe the "gay or lesbian" person was not up to the standard.

Marcus V

Who cares! What Gay men and women need are "Equal Protection" under the law! (Nothing else!) Identity Politics are for the foolish.

There is an entire category on ENDA which you have never commented upon. There are also many posts here on hate crimes, employment, etc, also you have never commented upon. And the conservative argument against extending employment and hate crime protections to gays is that it is ... "identity politics."

If this is going to be your standard response to every post you disagree with, besides the ones with shirtless men, you're wasting my bandwidth. RM

S. Flemming

This sho' is gon' be a long four years ...


I guess I'm odd, I don't really care, what I want is hate crime laws in all 50 states to send these gay bashers to jail who are terrorizing the glbt community and the non-discrimination act and health care for gays and everyone else. And, the way he has been going it would have been one of those Log cabin gays, which is worse than none.

alicia banks

bo is showing that he is a callous colorless chameleon who needs no more gay votes...


it is time for us to admit that he has played all gays!!!

thank you for being my cybergod!

much love and respect,
alicia banks

C. Baptiste-Williams

i dont have a problem with this at all nor him choosing Rick Warren. I don't think he ran on a platform of being the gay rights crusader and everyone is entitled to their opinons and choices.

Derrick from Philly

I am disappointed with the choice of Rick Warren, and the lack of any openly gay cabinet members. My disappointment will not make me give up on this Democratic President. There will be other issues that will come up concerning gay and trans folk. We'll see how President Obama performs.

Right now, he is the President Elect of the United States. Right-wing conservatives now have a very vocal group of gays who have joined them in their dislike for the new president. Well, we'll see how savvy Slim Jim is in dealing with his enemies...hopefully, the angry gays won't remain his enemies.

Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign began with the choosing of his cabinet and having Rick Warren presence at his inauguration. OK, Mr Axelrod.


I will reserve judgment on this issue, because he is not in office yet and may appoint a Gay cabinet member at a later date. I still support him 100%, but I feel as though I can call him out about his BS as well. I sent a STRONGLY worded email to his website this morning about how displeased I am with his choice in Rick Warren. It may not change anything, but at least I voiced my opinion.


What about Nancy Sutley? She will chair the White House Council on Environmental Quality and is both a woman of color and an out lesbian.

She served on the SoCal LGBT steering committee for Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

Doesn't she count as having an LGBT person at the table in the new administration? I know she is not a Cabinet member, but she is one of Obama's key advisers.

This is either a joke, or you're brand new here. I was one of the first to announce Sutley's appointment last week and it's linked above. This is not cabinet or sub-cabinet post, it is "advisory." And she can hardly count as "one of Obama's key advisors" b/c they haven't worked together yet and have not even met. But we had gays and lesbians in advisory and subcabinet posts under Bush and Clinton as I mentioned above.

Oh and Nancy Sutley being a poc would be news to me. RM

Marcus V

Ok fine! if I can't make comments on your blog that does flow with your current then that's just fine with me! It say more about You than it does about "I"....Good day and goodbye!

Marcus V

And I noticed U conveniently deleted my second comment which placed my first into context. I'm sadden by ur actions Rob. I've visited ur blog for yrs, but rest assured I will not be back! Be Well..

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