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18 December 2008



Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Prince, Tyler Perry...do you HAVE to be an oddball to be a black superstar?

Taylor Siluwé

... and Prince is a Jehovah's Witness now (another cult). Actually, most religions are cults in their own way, some just weirder than others.

I love Will, but if he's really a self-loathing religious kook, then he's just pathetic.

So sad if its true.


I have said all along this child has his problems.

Not too long ago a madame here in NYC reported that not only was he one of her clients but he also requested males. I have always wondered if it was him or Tom Cruise that Bobby Blake hinted about in his book.

His new movie, where he's once again playing a non-threatening black male, sucks big time. It is even worse than I Am Legend. Or so I hear.

Nathan James

Will Smith has been known to be on the DL for a while now. If he is involved with Scientology, it's possible he has fallen afoul of their coercive ways. He might be trying to avoid getting "dead agent"-ed, which is what Scientology does to people that incur their wrath.

Also, I've always thought it a bit strange that Tom Cruise, a known Scientologist, will sue anyone who calls him gay for $100,000...

Rod has reported on Smith at length, and it gets more intriguing all the time...

S. Flemming

Hey, if it works for him, it works for me ...


This is Will Smith's money and his decision; nothing more or less.

All of these "religious groups" and churches are about the same.

From the Baptist church to the Methodist church; it is up to the individual to separate their truths and not apply some of the more negative aspects of each church.

Many people are able to do this; so many black gay men (no I am not say Will Smith is gay) go to church and know what it is and what it is not. However they prefer to hear the word of God and be in the company of others.

C. Baptiste-Williams

Will Smith is not a scientologist and if he was who cares.

He is a faithful member of Living Waters church in the valley.

Derrick from Philly

"...Living Waters church in the valley."

Oh, that sounds charming, C. Baptiste (I say in my best Joan Crawford impersonation).

Well, my West Philly Boy has let Hollywood go to his head. I still love him, but he's another nut now...a very rich and powerful nut.


In less than a week I have read that gays are angry at 2 of the most powerful black men in America. Mad at Barack for his selections, mad at Will for his choices. I don't get it? My church that I grew up in says homosexuality is a sin, but I pay my tides to the church regardless. The pastors views aint gone interrupt my walk with the Lord. I guess I'm a bad person for not selecting a gay church to attend and pay my tides too? So what if this is the church I was raised and baptised in right? I'm just saying you cant please everyone. People have said all along we cant expect Barack to be Black Americas president, he cant tend to just us, so why are we expecting him to do such with the gay community? Boy I tell ya...And as far as that madam story and Will...I researched the website where the story originated. Seems like the guy behind the site is desperate for attention. Why didn't any news outlet, or any gossip outlet other than internet blogs run the story? Hell even perez opted not to run the story...That so called award winning journalist behind the site claims that the scientologist are after him, theyre out to get him,,,,He even named some Alist white men as clients of this so called madame,,,, Yet not even the national examiner picked up on the story. They ran the story of the fossilized remains of the 3 headed alien found in Vegas (lol) but not this startling madame confession story...Why?? I'M just saying. Hey whatever.


@confused. Dear keep in mind when or if you can pull in the kind of money that Will Smith can for a studio and himself there ain't a true story in the world that can not be squelched.

Arnold Schwartzanazi owns the National Enquirer and Globe along with muscle and fitness. He is well aware of how much these people will pay to keep things quiet or attention diverted.

The NYPost and NYDaily News both "mentioned" the story but only on their gossip pages. It was a line or two at best and that was the end of it. For now.

The internet is no different. Let us not forget how quickly that cell phone footage of one of the Bush girls dancing on her knees while drunk and also wearing a thong disappeared like a fart in the wind.

So did the video of The Game dancing in a g-string that even Jay Z is on record saying he did see it. Remember the photo of Eve at the height of her career with the dildo just before her show hit the air? Poof. Gone. And she even admitted it "might" be her.

Money makes anything disappear. The day you step out of line or are no longer marketable it will reappear like "magic" and the tabaloids will be waiting.


A bunch of myths and legends. Jayz made claims about nas, nas made claims about jay, fiftys made claims about everyone and everyone has made claims against him. You mean to tell me the game has the type of money to make things disappear? Why couldn't he make his change of heart episode disappear? Because that episode actually existed, the gstring thing was something fabricated. When fifty was through with youngbuck he released those incriminating (yet heart wrenching) voice mails of buck crying, yet still no surfacing of the gstring pics from game? I wonder why. My point is in order for me to believe then you gone halfta show me. Yes I'm from St Louis. Holla.lol. By no means am I trying to argue, I do hear what you're saying. I just don't believe it. I wouldn't care if Will was gay or not, he's too goofy for me. I'm just tired of the mediatakeout type of gossip that has taken over the net. Well believe any damn thing just cuzz. Oh yea and the eve sex tape disappeared??? Ive seen it several times. Yeah its just a 30 second clip but its all over the net. Not to mention the pics of her on stage nude with her head in between the legs of another stripper. Some of the examples you provided are faulty. I even remember eve releasing a statement about how hurt she was, and how private investigators were investigating whether steviie j himself released the clip online. To someone who was unfamiliar with the fiasco reading what you wrote they might be lead to believe otherwise. Much luv to you tho, and again Im still confused...If Will donated money to the church of scientology why mention the fact that the church is anti gay???????? Are gays mad at jlo for her association with the church? Her fathers a scientologist. Her best friends a scientologist, and Id bet money shes donated to the church. But let Will donate money to the cause of 1 of his good friends and here we are talking about the churches views on homosexuality AND the fact that he may be homosexual too. Alright I'm just rambling now so I'm done with this 1. I'm gonna go back a couple weeks to the post about ed from atl housewives that man is sexxxxxxxxceee. 1 more thing I also remember eve releasing a statement in regards to the stripper pictures of her that are all over the net. She said " there's nude pictures of madonna online as well...at least I'm in good company". She tried to make light of the situation, she couldn't deny it, and it surely didn't disappear.

The District Mother

C. Baptiste is a church queen and always defends closet cases like Will and Latifah.

This is really a stretch even for him...now Will attends a church no one has heard about before. Where is this church pray tell and why has no one discussed it? Or is this only for top secret church queens?

The District Mother

And Miss Confused you really need to stop, girlfriend...

Sonut Honti

....and pumpkins, that concludes today's episode of Snap Fierce! Be sure to join us tomorrow when we post conjectures, hearsays, I heards and, did you knows?... concerning Jada insisting that Wil wear gum shields when they "play".

Sonut Honti

....and pumpkins, that concludes today's episode of Snap Fierce! Be sure to join us tomorrow when we post conjectures, hearsays, I heards and, did you knows?... concerning Jada insisting that Wil wear gum shields when they "play".


gurlene: this isn't the first time I've seen Will's roles referred to as "non-threatening." What does that mean? Should he play a convict, drug dealer, gangsta, what?

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