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18 December 2008



Cheese and crackers, this guys is so PATRONIZING, it's making me nauseous. I would love to shove that donut where the sun don't shine. The "I have many gay friends" is so damn old. How can you go to someone's home (who are gay) and have dinner with them but refuse to give them the rights that you and countless other hetereosexuals have in this country? Sounds like a huge contradiction there. CNN and Yahoo are reporting this news as well. Huge outrage from all spectrum. I hate that this has to taint Inauguration Day. :(


The audacity of hope!

the Gay Numbers

Is there any way to use this going forward to push for the things we want as a community such as repeal of DADT and DOMA? We know this guys a bigot, and we know that Obama has thrown us under the bus, but can we use it?


Fred: It's politics...he got 'Warrens' target and he's given them the inauguration?


You don't ask if someone is a homophobe. They aren't going to admit it. That interviewer is a rube.


I absolutely love the message he is no doubt sending to that useless Human Rights Campaign.

Take that gay marriage B/S somewhere else. I am sure Obama would be 100% behind health, housing and employment issues related to the gay community but this is a clandestine message aimed at those upper-class white queens who offered lame support for him in the primary.

It would not shock me one bit if those on that board voted for McCain/Palin.

the Gay Numbers

My friends who are blue collar just got married in CT and ,for the first time, will be able to share benefits that they desperately need to share. Not all gays are white middle class and trying to be straight. Some of us are just trying to build lives that we need to have.

Daily Kos has a great diary up by Kos himself about the question I raised earlier. By picking Warren, the public backlash increases pressure on Obama to live up to his word on helping advance equal protection for gays. So that's a good sign.


If it is the President-Elect's intention to be inclusive, then it begs the question: why not include a racist in the inauguration? PERIOD.

It is his first mistake, and won't be his last, but he is the best man for the job of president in a long long long time.


Gurlene, I generally agree with many things you say but not respectfully disagree. Many white gay men were behind Obama, his deputy campaign manager is white gay man and many advisors. In the primary and general election.

I think this was just a bad very bad decision, period,.

I am not in Connecticut or Massachusetts but would love to marry a man if I could. It's not just wealthy white gay men. But I do think marriage gay activists need to reach out,

Thank you

Dennis Cooley

This will be Obama's new spiritual adviser. Trust and believe.

Taylor Siluwé

The gay community has been accused (in most cases, infuriatingly so) of being as intolerant of others as we accuse others of being toward our issues. In most cases people spouting that crap was the biggest 'phobes and saying it with a smirk.

Not unlike Rick Warren's spine-chilling laugh and smile @ the suggestion of his homophobia. When truth be told, we and he knows he's a big ol' Get-Behind-Me-Sodomites Holy Homophobe. Yeah. Without a doubt.

But even he knows its not PC to admit that bias. That alone says a whole lot.

However, like it or not, LGBT America is not all of America. The sun doesn't rise and set for our issues or our beliefs. I mean, who do we think we are -- Christians?

Bottomline, Obama is the president of the enlightened and the ignorant. Sometimes he's gonna make decisions that piss off the left, sometimes the right -- which is a whole lot better than Bush who just blew the right for 8 years while repeatedly pissing off the left.

Telling Obama he can't let Warren speak when a vast swath of Americans believe Warren speaks their values smacks of our own brand of inflexibility ... or, uh, intolerance.

As much as he makes me wanna puke, we have to accept his ignorant seat at the table if we hope to have our seat respected by those who dislike us.

They've cried long and hard on election night. Let's give them their moment now. It won't kill us.


I am not wealthy or white and neither is my partner and we got married in CA when it was legal so my step children could be added to my benefits package. In fact, most of the rich gays I know decided not to get married because of the tax issue. It is the poor and middle class gays that suffer because of these laws not the rich ones...


Grant and others out there I wish you nothing but happiness and prosperity when you do find your Mr. Right.

alicia banks

rick warren is an extremely vulgar, smug, bold, rabid gaybasher

if bo chose david duke to speak,
EVERYONE would be offended!!!

and this is what white gays mean when they claim gay as the new black

and this is why they are correct!

all of the hypocritical black gaybashers and the masochistic self loathing gay black fools who dare to try to defend this indefensible and horrid choice are proving that it is OK to diss and hate ALL gays...

aliia banks


I am originally from Orange County, California so I know all about this man. I really could not be more mad about it, it is a terrible selection and it is not just bad for gays and lesbians but also for feminists and progressives. I sent out a long e-mail to the Obama campaign expressing my anger and dismay at this selection and I encourage others to do the same as well.

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Many thanks Rod on this piece of a real demogogue, as well, as other articles on Prop 8. Warren speaks of "religious definitions,"
instead of true realities and real
pastoral practices of the Truth.

Kudos to Kerry Eleveld [Advocate 12-18-08 “The Better Angels?”] for having the stamina of Spirit, self-respect and enough
'restraint' in expressing the hurt, pain and indeed, very righteous anger that I feel and would understand of any of us same-gender loving persons over the choice of Rick Warren in such a prominent role.

One would understand a Republican making such a decision.

President-elect Obama, for whom I voted and am still awaiting after he takes his 'hand off the Bible' for the "Change We Can Believe In," has exhibited an evangelical wrong turn, neither being more politically expedient nor a pragmatic expression of the direction that he may hope in his
leading to unifying the nation.

Another example, still felt, is the terrific punch in the stomach from his vote during the campaign letting the telecoms ‘off-da-hook’ for spying on all of us whenever we press our digits. Another ‘unlisted’ number of his.

Reverend Lowery is a phenomenal and proven prophetic voice for all of our own inalienable rights, yet, those around the President-Elect have relegated him to the very back of the inauguration bus.

If Jimmy Carter's Achilles’ heel had too many outsiders around him, then I pray for Barack Obama and all of us, that we are not the 'albatross around his neck,' with his decisions dealing with too much of an inside the beltway crew not knowing which way the wind is truly blowing, so his helm is a historical re-making of the far right.

The only exception I take with Kerry is her final point of a President Obama deaf to our "cries of mercy."

No, I and others, and I believe she would agree and know that our cries, indeed, demands are for first, Respect and Recognition and then, equally being given the defense and ‘equal treatment under law’ of our equal rights as Human Beings with the Divine-Human rights not just for 'Kings' & 'Queens' but for all 'in-betweens.'

One of my final reflection papers for earning on my own my Master of Divinity degree in 1987 from The Catholic University of America was supporting uniquivocally "Same-Sex Unions," i.e., “Marriages,” as I updated it during our current Marriage Equality efforts.

What Rick Warren's subtle, simmering homophobic 'hellfire' and our own liberators of LOVE, fail to advocate is the equal affirmation of the far-right's bulwarks and bullies, such as real Roman Catholic doctrine and teaching, per se, 'in practice.'

Of the seven sacraments--signs of God's LOVE--only marriage has as its ministers the two persons saying "I do." The priest, the mayor, the ship's captain, yes, the President-elect are seen ONLY public witnesses to that reality of Human-Divine Truth, especially that "God IS LOVE and where there is LOVE, there IS God."

So, while I'll still respect married straights, even if I do not want to see any of us experience or equal their own dismal failure being able to love faithfully and monogamously, as evidenced by over a majority of their marriages ending in divorce, along with very deleterious and destructive behaviors along the way, affecting worldwide societies more than any same gendered group of persons ever have in all history of Humanity.

Unless President Obama gives all of us the unadulterated respect, recognition and rights that are of our own birthright, then along with any 'mea culpa,' he'll need to ask Rick Warren to help him
"take his political plank out of his eyes before trying to remove splinter" ‘groups’ from our LGBTs 'ayes,' no matter what any of us may decide to do with our LOVE.

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor & Founder
One World Life Systems

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