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19 December 2008



thanks, man

A. Martinez

Jon Perry is hot.

Winston Salem

From one positive brutha, good looking out.


Is there an update about Jesse Milan? Has the Obama team named their aids cazr aNd is Jesse still in the running? Thank you

justbthat.com | jon perry

aye rod...i just want you to know i really appreciate that man... good lookin...i done gone from being cute to being a hottie...looks like i'm movin up in the world huh.

love and appreciation

jon perry

Taylor Siluwé

The Source? WOW.

*Speechless again. Twice in one week. *

S. Flemming

Ebonics ... ROTFL!

Trinidad. Adventist. Gay?!

I think everyone is missing the black AIDS boat. I think it's about the incarceration rate--not the number of black men in the closet.
The face of blacks with AIDS is less Jonathan Perry and more 50 Cent and his proteges on the corner.

justbthat.com | jon perry

the face of AIDS is anyone living with it...INCLUDING the .50¢s

There is no less and more

justbthat.com | jon perry

Still waiting for my b'day present!

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