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15 December 2008



WOW. Can you get any more ripped? Will must be like negative 3 percent bodyfat lol

Tony DR

What Eddie Murphy say in Nutty Professor? "Now that is what you call a tight azz." lol

Cevin Fisher

Hmmm. Will looks very thugged out but is a hot butch bottom. That's hot.

I have seen him before when I used to live in Jersey City. Very quiet and all the DL sand thug types at the club loved him.


eh. really nice body but so-so.

if we are talking about cocoboyz and cocodorm i like the tops like breion.

and rod please give more eye candy to us queens, more meat and bulges, less tiny waists and butts please, lol! i love this blog but between the sports and model boyz, its too "top" friendly

Allen H

Darius wtf? "Too "top friendly"???

What about last week and that huge piece of beef in the NFL locker room?

I think there is something for everyone. I'm a happy camper either way ...


Please give that man my number lol.

Dutty Bama

NIGGA NEED TO EAT! SERIOUSLY. Rod, you need to stop with these models. You are helping to promote body dysmorpia in the black community. These silly queens are going to start eating crackers with vaseline to stay thin.

What a ridiculous statement ... especially coming from someone whose other screen name is 'Brokeassnigga.' Girl, please. RM


What a ridiculous statement ... especially coming from someone whose other screen name is 'Brokeassnigga.' Girl, please.

Rod you are a mess...in a good way!

Marcus VanNoir

He's a "Butta Face", but I'd hit it for certain. As a top, I love bodies like his so keep em coming, damn what some of these other queens are quacking about.


Every October there is a gay porn festival here in NYC. If any of you have ever wanted to see the true colors of many of these porn stars here is your chance.

You will see that many of these men are nothing more than just released from or only a second away from going back to prison and have nothing else going for them but their large endowments or A-S-S-etts.

People trust me SUPREME or Castro or whatever the hell he is calling himself at the moment is nothing else but a crackhead who is only there for the money. Every black pornstar that was there looked visibly uncomfortable standing next to him.

The little girls from Cocodorm.com were as silly, boring and lost as they look on screen. They laughed and talked with no one but themselves the entire night.

I made sure I sat in a spot where I could watch the black stars in their booths and ALMOST all of them avoided blacks or were reluctant to make eye contact with blacks who they figured were not "about money". As I watched several blacks in attendance who went over to their booths I later asked them their opinion of the "stars" and it was not favorable at all.

It was a multicultural event, whites, asians, blacks and some jewish guy who claimed he had dvd's of arabs (the guys looked more brazilian than arab but who am I to say or care). I suggest to anyone who watches porn to go to one of these events at least once and see for yourself just what it is you are paying your hard earned dollars to fantasize about.

Marcus VanNoir

@Gurlene ~ that was very insightful on your part, and I did sense your objectivity in your assessment of those event. I've always wondered what those guys were really like off screen.


@ Marcus. That is what it took for me to realize just what it was that I was looking at, trash. Not all of them are but the ones that are FAR outnumber the ones who aren't.

There is no attempt at creativity. You NEVER see outdoor shots or anything of the like. You are treated to none stop "my niggah", robbery or burglary scenes and such.

What you do see are men from all races and cultures getting no more than $500 dollars at best for a one shot performance. At cocodorm it is even less because they had to pay to stay at the dorm itself. What does that tell you about the mentality of many of these fine, nice everything blacks you see in these videos?

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