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18 December 2008



I do hope all of them were productive members of our community before they met their demise. Lets all hope they were not caught up in that "fast buck mentality".

After I learned that it was a "ballroom" queen and her thievery that ruined the annual Riis Beach party this year in NYC I have very little sympathy for that crowd or their theatrics.

Yes childern, there are thieves and murderers sitting amongst us in these bars and clubs.


This is a horrible and tragic story. I am very surprise more people are not upset.....

Taylor Siluwé


What cold wind blew you in? Your issues are showing, big time. Jesus f*%kin' Christ have a little compassion in the face of tragedy!

God forbid anything should happen to you or ones you love and some evil "queen" blows in with cold-hearted BS like this.

These men were human beings -- whether they were captains of the universe or ate garbage out of the trash, their lives were ripped away and my heart goes out to them. Just awful.

ms. star

reguardless of how the 3men lived there life the animal whom took there life need to be caught that was unjust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!darriel was fam. he come from a great family. afamily that truly loved him the topic of the matter is 3 people where killed and there's a murder out there! who knows what they could next.


So I have to ask, why aren't our illustrious gay leaders marching and protesting over this?

Too tragic for words.


As always, anytime the LGBT community starts pushing harder for equal protection, LGBT Community members start being severely beaten, raped, murdered or otherwise taunted in larger numbers than usual. Granted we don't "know" the murderer(s) motivation yet, but come on...

My heart goes out to their friends and family for the tragic loss.

As to the question of "why aren't our illustrious gay leaders marching and protesting over this?" I can only return a question, "why aren't you?" We our the leaders of our community, we have to step forward and speak up for those that can't speak up for themselves. If you are outraged, stand up and tell us you are outraged, stand up and take action. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

Come out come out wherever you are.


Felix was a very nice person. It hurts that he is gone. I pray that he lived his life happy and I pray that he did not feel any pain in his last hour. God bless his family!


Es increible como se puede llegar a matar a tres seres humanos a sangre fría tan solo por que son homosexuales. No tienen nombre, no tienen adjetivo ni descalificativos para mi son peor que la basura las personas homófobas (si se le puede llamar persona), deberian mirarse al espejo y preguntarse que son. Mis mas sincero sentimiento y pésame para todos sus familiares.

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