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13 January 2009


Baltimore Femme

Work it out, Atlanta black gays!

I'm in Baltimore and me and a few queens are standing behind y'all. Best of luck bringing awareness to this evil, bigoted man.

Coretta and Martin would roll over in their graves.


Thanks for keeping up on this story. It probably not very popular to go against such a huge church ((or the president)) but we have to make priority for our own community.

Mel Smith

Well, our heterosexual "brothers and sisters" are showing that they don't give a damn about us. Anyway, God bless Mr. Washington and the other black gay activists in Atlanta; I wish I could be with them.


There is not much they can do at this point but protest. The hateful Warren will still go ahead and give his sermon or speech or whatever you want to call it.

But they are making they voices known and I commend them for not being afraid. Too many of us black LGBTs are afraid.


I'm not really sure how effective their protest and demonstration can be. Because the King Center (just like our President Elect Barack Obama) will not renege on such a high profile invitation.

But I support their right to be heard.


Rod ...

Thanks a million for this story and mentioning Darian Aaron! He is one of my favorite bloggers and I have been reading him and at Clik for about two years. I am new to "the life" and newly out of the closet (24 years old) and Darian's writing on religion helped me get through many difficult nights.

Will this protest be successful? Yes and no. Rick Warren will still be speaking next week at Ebenezer and in Washington. But as black gay men and lesbians it seems this is very important. We are making ourselves heard.

Thanks again for the story.

Nathan James

Rick Warren does serve at least one useful purpose: He makes clear the kind of behavior we as people of good conscience should avoid. I always get upset whenever I see people purporting to be men or women of God, preaching and encouraging hatred.

I agree with Darian Aaron that giving warren his national spotlight is akin to giving people permission to hate gays and lesbians. Until bigots like Warren are publicly repudiated, they and their homophobic rants will continue to proliferate, and we will continue being beaten and killed for what and who we are.

Mel Smith

Curry, the protestors represent US. Their voices are definitely affective because people see that we will not let anyone disrespect who we are. Are you all aware of how many gay people of color helped Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Therefore, those protestors are representing us.


Rick Warren deserves all the criticism he gets and more. Good for the protesters.


I hope things go ok down there

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