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19 January 2009


A. Martinez

Thanks so much for staying on this story. It's really important to note black LGBTs led the protests. Notice the AJC story did NOT say that. You'd think the only protesters were white and gay.



The protest was incredible. It was well attended and peaceful. The only demonstrators who met with some scorn were the two inside the church. A few people shook their heads and seemed upset by the "gay" protests, but I think most people understood we were trying to fight our rights too.


I'm so proud of my brothers and sisters. This has been a great day.

Mel Smith

As a gay people of color, this should show us that heterosexual blacks are not our 'brothers and sisters.' They don't see that people similar to Rick Warren did not support Dr. King during the 1950's and 1960's. Also, we need to stop focusing on gay marriage being our opposition to Rick Warren. Warren is an anti-gay bigot who compared us to incest. In addition, Rick Warren associates with ministers who want to imprison us simply for being gay.

Mel Smith

And people are during the EXACT same thing to us, that was done to people of color, Jews, women and handicap people.

Kevin Perez

Now this is what I'm taking about!


This is great!

Thanks Rod and I hope you are well and at one time get some admin support you deserve...


I am so proud of these guys. They make my heart smile.


A shout out from Hawai‘i to Duncan, in the third photo.


Glad to see this post did not catch any media coverage on this since most people are preoccupied with the "Obama" inauguration. I live in the DMV and I am exhausted with the ceremonies already--go figure!! Maybe today Soledad O'Brian will highlight a spot when he does the "prayer." His presence will be awkward nontheless since Pres. Obama has said throughout the weekend in his inclusive speeches about gay/straight black/white/asian/latino etc.

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