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22 January 2009



I love when the old guard sees the world with young, fresh eyes. So many could learn from their example. Keep hope alive brothers and sisters.

Tommy Ross

This is a beautiful thing. These men were civil rights leaders and civil rights pioneers for a very good reason!

Bless you John Lewis!




BRAVO John Lewis! BRAVO!!




John Lewis makes me proud to be a fellow Fisk alum!

Kevin Perez

Do these people who keep saying there's no connnection between acknowledge the existence and struggle of LBGT African Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans and well, ''Arab Americans''. Hell, what about LBGT Indiginous Americans. Do people really believe it's just a White man's thing?

S. Flemming

I heart John Lewis!

Eric Trujilio

That's right, Congressman Lewis, you school 'em!

Mel Smith

I love John Lewis too.


John Lewis is a complex person. On one hand, no one has ever been able to call him corrupt. I remember the Atlanta-Constitution publishing a list of Georgia's Congresspersons along with their net worth. John Lewis had less money than the average school teacher. Only when Cynthia McKinney joined Congress did Georgia have a poorer member of Congress. I'm sure that many of the rich pastors in the black mega-churches think he is nothing but a pitiful chump.

On the other hand, time and time again, when he was majority whip in the House during Clinton time, he voted to support Clinton in some of the most terrible legislation, including the continuation of our shameful record of covert intervention in Central America. I know he knew better, but I suppose he imagined that loyalty to the party's leader was more important than doing what was right.

He has always, though, been a vocal advocate for gay rights.

And I did meet him once, shopping in the men's clothing section of Macy's.


We need more folks to stand up

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