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09 January 2009




Alan T

"He blamed the failure on a narrow time frame over the holidays. "

But I thought this was God's will???

Tommy Ross

What a shame. They couldn't gather enough signatures to force a referendum on civil rights. Tsk, tsk.





Well, I guess this will give them time this weekend to beg, cry and plead for money for the ongoing "building fund," since real issues in Cleveland are not something they care about!!!

Marvin M

Rod, this is totally off topic and random...

Speaking as someone who has friends and family in Cleveland ...thanks for staying on top of this. I know the many of readers of your blogs may not often express their gratitude, but thank you. It would be much easier (and you'd probably get more traffic) if you always blogged about gossip or celebrities or that foolish down low.

This story made me feel that at least we have a chance sometimes. It's so hard out there for black gay men and lesbians and so much of the animosity comes from our own people.

Marvin M

Oh and Luther you are soooo right about that "building fund." I haved been hearing about those since I was a child, lol

Dennis Cooley

Marvin, that is a very beautiful thought. I'll second that emotion. Thank you Rod for staying on these stories.

As far as these black preachers are concerned and their Cadillacs, I want to see them focus on what is really hurting the black family. Lack of housing, access to health care and jobs. A domestic partner registry means squat.

Strong Island

"There are many more pressing concerns in Cleveland's black community, such as the ridiculously high foreclosure and unemployment rates, gun violence and failing schools. Perhaps the pastors will focus on these issues."

Hardly likely. These poverty pimps do not want to see full employment or an end to violence. Its far easier to scapegoat and beg for money.

Last time I checked, a domestic partners register with no benefits doesn't hurt anyone.


I guess their plan was not as divine as they claimed.

This is so sad. The black church has been reduced to being a ho for the religious right on issues that frankly do not concern the majority of parishoners. Let's talk about teen pregnancy, drug abuse, domestic violence, the epidemic of sexual violence against our children, gangs, street crime, poverty, joblessness, educational disparities, health disparities-- anything that can help us to grow as a people.

But that would be to assume that the black church (broadly defined) actually gives a damn about black people anymore.

Ralph Davis

"That would be to assume that the black church (broadly defined) actually gives a damn about black people anymore"

Wrong assumption. If they did they would not be allied with the far right wing evangelicals. And they would work on problems and solutions that are specific to our community and our needs.

Far too many are concerned about their Mercedes and their big houses in the suburbs.

Jason O

I want to see how far Rev. Matthews and these pastors try to push this.


That's right, blame it on the holidays, everyone else does...


With ALL the ISSUES in the Black urban community and these FOOLISH ministers are worried about marriage between two consenting adults. These idiotic fools should be working to remove gangs from the urban community. They should get a petition going to have any young Black guy standing aimlessly on a street corner stopped, searched, and arrested if drugs are found. Why not march and investigate all the crack and drug houses and get them shut down? Why not send all of your WANNA BE christian members into the schools and assist kids with getting an education. Hmmm. Opps. Most of their hateful members can barely read over the fifth grade level. Bottom line, I am tired of these useless ministers and their low-budget congregations trying to impose some moral authority on anyone.

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