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29 January 2009


Quniton M

Another shining example of black masculinity.


What a fool. Whenever I see brothers doing this, they have no idea how bad they make all of us look.

get a clue. You have millions of dollars and are a professional football player. Have some pride in yourself and the team.

Jason O

Just one more guy that cares a lot more about cashing paychecks than winning Super Bowls.

Cowboys have no pride.


FANS???? How does a guy that has caught 20 balls in his career think he has fans? Just be quiet until you actually are somebody.


He fits right in on the Cowboys. It's always someone else fault


"Bennett hit all the stereotypical notes of ghetto fabulous culture in the amateurish freestyle rap to the song "Get Money."

Rod you are a MFing read. I. LOVE. IT!


This guy is an idiot. He thinks he has fans. Wow, get a clue.


For some reason I am sure it was the Jerry Jones money remarks and Tony Romo "homo" that got the management all hot and bothered.

Cevin Fisher

Either he didn't do nothing wrong or he apologizes. If he makes up his mind I might care... nah, I still don't care.

Thanks a lot for making us all look bad, my brother. And thanks a lot for the homo jokes, I don't think Terrell Owens would like that.


"Whenever I see brothers doing this, they have no idea how bad they make all of us look."

No, they make themselves look bad. That has nothing to do with me, I am sure everyone knows not all blacks act like that. But unfortunately too many young black athletes are from the hood and DO act like that.

Eric Trujilio

If he had done it without using his employer's logo and image, and had he left his employer's name out of it, people might not have had a problem. But when he uses those props and his position as a Cowboys player, he is representing his employer. And that is just wrong.

And if anything, he should have learned from Troy Aikman that you can't make gay jokes about Cowboys QBs. No matter how true.



"I'm not using drugs. I didn't use a gun..."
Does that mean that your WORDS do no damage? If so, then what did Jimmy the Greek say that cost him his job? Rush Limbaugh?
And homophobic words and names destroy self-esteem and lead many others to VIOLENCE AND BIGOTRY!!!
Words hurt- YOU IDIOT!!!

Lang B.

I AM extremely tired of this HIP HOP- Postulating. Did I say TIRED?
Cannot wait for the day when rap/hip Hop really becomes a thing of the past. Tom Foolery and fing idiotic behaviour.
Down with rap and ebonics, it is damaging our Brothas spirits and sense of self. Same old lame I'm tough - I'm cooler than you foolishness.


These hood rats with way too much money are as destructive to the black communities image as all out, just as bad as the homophobic, n-word spewing "rappers," and money grubbing preachers.

If they were real men they would act like it, but, sadly many of them had no real men to raise them to be men.


Amen Luther and Lang B!
Every time one of these millionaire hoodrats open their mouths they set us back! These ghetto athletes and rappers are basically corner boys with some bling and much more dollars. Why didn't he know this ghetto tacky video would get him in trouble?

At least they hit him in his POCKET that is how you get their attention!


Just pathetic on so many levels.


Good, i hope they make an example out of his coon sorry a**,also they should sit him out NEXT season and make him really feel it, right in his wallet!!

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