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05 January 2009



You wrote, "After some prodding by activists, the Washington Blade now reports Fenty has scheduled a January 16 meeting with Gays & Lesbians Opposing Violence."

I don't mean to be difficult, but if Mayor Fenty is so gay-friendly why would he need to be "prodded" to meet with gay activists about anti-gay violence in his city? The fact that he needed to be prodded makes him anything BUT a hottie in my book.


"I don't mean to be difficult..."

Sure you don't, ELG. There are at least 4 or 5 posts linked regarding Fenty's support for same-sex marriage and three posts linked for Fenty and Lainer's swift action after a black gay man was killed. Sounds fairly "gay-friendly" to me.

The most recent homicide, cited and linked above by GLOV and other activists, was not proven to be linked to the victim's sexual orientation. Connecting the response to this crime to Fenty's record on LGBT rights is tenuous at best.

ELG, your comments are welcome but your constant attempts at fact-checking have become tiresome. Recently you claimed the CNN Prop 8 exit polls were "very reliable" and defended Sarah Palin "anti-gay" record without knowledge of her entire record. Instead of honest debate, you seem intent on disagreeing with anything written here.

M. Mark

@ELG: Mayor Fenty supports marriage equality and is on the record for saying he will sign a marriage bill. I'd say that is "gay friendly" and much more so than most governors, except Paterson and Patrick. And the mayor is a helluva lot more gay friendly than Barack Obama.

Nathan James

Mayor fenty is trying to reach out to the DC-area LGBT community, and including Chief Lanier was right on target. IIRC, Chief Lanier was instrumental in continuing funding for DCPD's Gay/Lesbian Liason Unit (GLLU), even in these tight economic times. DCPD is, like all DC city agencies, beholden to Congress for its budget, so Lanier shows some "independent thinking" here.

I do think if Mayor Fenty passes gay-marriage in DC, it might cause President Obama to re-examine his own position on the issue. I daresay it might be a bit awkward if the mayor of his city has passed a gay-marriage bill while he still opposes it...


Rod, man seriously ....

You need to stop explaining yourself to people who can't read. Some of these people are just blowing off hot air. They usually have no idea what they are talking about, they just want to say you are wrong. Adrian Fenty is light years ahead of many big city mayors and most black big city mayors. You have been talking about him for almost two years. He says he will sign a marriage bill, that is about as gay muthafreakibn' friendly as you can get.

If memory serves, didn't ELG argue with you about the presence of black gay men in Harlem that could have been interviewed by NYT, no? And he doesn't live in NMew York City?

I rest my case.

S. Flemming

Love love love Fenty ... it's a little scary to me in DC right now. This sort of thing has me half scared to even go out at all. Hopefully they can crack down on these incidents.

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