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22 January 2009



They should suspend it, for the vile homophobia of the government, and, the fact that most of the money is going into the pockets of the ones spewing the hate, not, the poor who need it.

Tommy Ross

That's right! Hit them in their pocket!

This nation is corrupt from the president to low level bureaucrats. They rob the treasury and shake down everyone for bribes. I bet if they have less money coming in to the country and more nations cut aid, yes they will think two or three times!

Solve the poverty and share the oil revenue!! Forget about gay sex it is not the problem!!

Derrick from Philly

Great news! Maybe our new President and Secretary of State and UN Ambassador will follow the EU's lead.

Well, we can let him know how we feel. He'll hear.


What a great news day!

Eric Trujilio

You can say that again. I love the news today, just when things seem bleak there is hope and change!


Excellent news. I wish the European Union MPs the best of luck.


You just know, though, that if this gets any press in Nigeria at all, it will be declarations from all the Nigerian politicians about how this is yet another example of European neo-colonialism (not to mention European moral decadence).

You can’t blame any African for being sensitive about being told by Europeans what is and is not culturally acceptable. On the other hand, I’m sure most Nigerians realize what corrupt frauds their leaders are. Maybe someday, they’ll realize that the scapegoating of their gay friends and family members is just another technique used by their politicians and pastors to keep them from paying attention to how badly they are being robbed.


It is a good step

Kevin Perez

''You can’t blame any African for being sensitive about being told by Europeans what is and is not culturally acceptable''

Oh please.

THAT is exactly what they've been doing all along; Following outdated and primitive idealogies of NOW non-existent colonial powers and making (and even claming) them as their OWN. Remember homosexuality = UnAfrican/White Man's Conspiracy/European Imperalisim/White. There was never a word to describe same sex actions before those snot-nosed Europeans made their way to Africa and colonized it, and now they've taken what Europe thought about homosexuality as the gospel.

The real victims, the people who should be ''senstive'' to these issues, are the LBGT Africans who are being made into scrapegoats by the ''oppressed'' using those very same idealogies that SCREWED a continent and its people over, against them. Funny how before there was never any questioning about anything the Europeans forcibily spoon fed the Africans, but when the subject of homosexuality comes about, it's those evil Europeans forcing their beliefs, culture and it's approval/disapporval against a nation that has already done all of that for long time.

LMAO at moral decadence. Still slaves to good ol' fashion European Imperalisim. I always love nations that make themselves to be these martyrs of Christinaity (and religion in general) as well as the authority of morality.

It's time to stop giving nations that support BS like this a pass and treating the people of such nations (or citizens) as being some sort of misguided, innocent child who nobody should be to hard on, you know, because they're ''misguided''.

I don't support nor give Latin America a pass on issues like this because it's a region where the people claim oppression but turn a blind eye to evident issues (racism, homophobia, poverty, religious bigotry and the influence of the Catholic church)

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