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28 January 2009


Marvin M

We'll see how this super bowl gospel concert goes. The shame is that most of the black men at the concert will be church queens or closeted. SMH


Donnie McClurkin is a mess.

These so called Christians and church folk eat up his story. I sincerely hope we do not hear it at the concert because I for one know the "ex gay" part it is NOT true.

Kevin Perez

It's comments like these that just anger me:

The reality is that black men, being the victims of 400 years of slavery, oppression and colonialism, manifest this ever weakened state of existence by resorting to the very types of behavior we are discussing today. We have become so b@@itched-out, emasculated and beat-down, these latest episodes should come as no surprise, for those reasons ONLY and not some deluded psychobable that it is "natural" for a male to want to put his penis in the rectum of any being, much less another male.

THAT is what causes the spread of disease to our sisters! The cultural attack, terrorism, as designed by the white, cultural power structure, with the help of the white, lesbian feminists, to confuse, declude and outmaneuver the black man, thus dealing a death-knell to the black woman and child.


Donnie McClurkin and Hezekiah Walker are the worst examples of "Christian" love. My aunt and uncle are Pentecostal and they are brainwashing my cousins with that anti-gay hysteria. The sad fact is I think my cousin (male) may be gay or think he is gay, he is in the choir and somewhat femme. Unfortunately they are pushing him so hard and they have even started going to Donnie McClurkin concerts. I wish for the best.

Kevin Perez

To clarify my original post was from that message board ranting about Hezekiah.

Marvin M

Kevin, umm, that comment wasn't in this post and wasn't about Donnie McClurkin. I don't even think that comment was from this blog.

Kevin Perez

D*mn, I meant my original post was in response to that message of the pastor and the whole gay = White.

Marvin M

Oooh. I see now. Thanks!

Kevin Perez

Marvin M:

There's a link with that post in Rod's comment. It's the one where it says

''a Pentecostal minister like McClurkin, heads a Brooklyn mega-church well-known for its anti-gay views and was the subject of an unfounded gay rumor that has become urban legend.''

Tommy Ross

Exactly what we need during Super Bowl weekend. Donnie McClurkin preaching his hate and self loathing to thousands of closeted black gay men and black gay church queens. Something tells me they will dance and play their tambourines and pretend they don't hear it.

S. Flemming

I just threw up in my mouth ...

Former COGIC

I grew up in the Church of God in Christ. It's similar to Pentecostal and just as fundamental and hates gays. There are so very many young gay boys in those churches, and gay men in the choirs, closeted confused DL or otherwise. I feel so very sorry for these boys and men.

Donnie McClurkin is NOT ex-gay there is NO such thing. He is a conflicted and troubled self hating gay man. He does not preach LOVE he preaches HATE. McCllurkin is surrounded by gay men and closeted church queens and everyone kn ows this. Please know that God and Jesus LOVE YOU

Derrick from Philly

Wonder if Donnie or Mary Mary would present the award we bestowed upon Larry Fitzgerald the other day? No, Donnie would be furious that nobody honors his tired-ass booty--unless there's cash involved.

...wish Al Sharpton would "read" his hypocrite tired-ass booty.


Former COGIC, I know exactly what you are talking about. I grew up Missionary Baptist. No more of that for me, I go to an open and affirming church here in ATL, Tabernacle Baptist, they love and accept everyone.

Donnie McClurkin is a fraud. He is taking their money and laughing all the way to the bank.

Anthony in Nashville

Donnie's profile has sure been rising ever since he became an "ex gay."

Since I have yet to find an "ex gay" who did not eventually admit to being gay all along, I think he is enjoying taking the Christian conservatives' admiration (and their coins) while continuing to sleep with whoever he wants to.

Andy Niable

Homophobia in football? Who'da thunk it? (Now, boys, go pat each others' booty again before hitting the showers....)


Just another reason not to watch the super bowl.

Donn S

You'd better work it out Derrick!

Donnie McClurkin is a "farce" and "fraud". There is more tha n enough data out there to rebut his claims of being 'ex gay'. And by data I mean going out to Long Island and Brooklyn and talking to any number of young men at his or Hezekiah walker's church. Now that's realness.

Nathan James

Rev Kev, where are you when we need you? Giving "ex-gay" Rev. McClurkin an international spotlight just reminds me that even as society takes one step forward, it often takes two steps back. Look at Kevin Perez' expositoion of an angry, homophobic post to see just one example of what we are up against.

Revs. McClurkin and Walker are men who, because they are deeply disturbed by their sexuality, and desperate to preserve their station and standing in their lives, have chosen to condemn us. The vilification and demonization of the SGL community by people "of the cloth" is a direct cause of low self-esteem, depression and suicide among SGL people of color. In awarding Super Bowl exposure to Revs. McClurkin and Walker, a message is being sent to the LGBT community: you are still unacceptable.

It's a crying shame.


Just another reason I'm glad I don't follow 'team' sports, and, everyone who does should be getting emails off to the NFL to show that they don't approve of this no talent, self hating 'ex-gay.'

alicia banks

it is only fitting...

on a day when ads cost millions per minute...

this priceless DL queen donnie m will be frontlining for droves of DL peers...

this takes "game day" to an entirely new level

donnie's heterosexuality is a super holy game...
no one has more game than donnie's overachiever agent!...



This has got to stop. It is so tired! I am through with these church queens and even more through with these "ex-gay" church queens.

When are our gay gospel artists going to come out? Their silence around these issues just allows fools like Donnie and Mary Mary (quite contrary!) to spew their hate without any counterpoint. But I go further than that-- I am getting ready to call out all you church queens (and you know who you are!) who lay up in these houses of homophobia you call your "church" and who refuse to live your spiritual lives openly. You are the reason the church keeps this crap going-- if they keep you silent they can keep you down, confused, and broken. And there you sit-- silently in the pews, the usher board, the pulpit, the deacon board, and the choir stand.

God gave you the power to speak life to your situations! You have the authority to change your situation, to break new ground and open eyes, hearts and minds. Walk out of that darkness and live the life God wants you to live. Unless you do, the rest of us will have to continue to clean up the messes you refuse to address that come out of the churches you support!!


Kevjack said:
"God gave you the power to speak life to your situations! You have the authority to change your situation, to break new ground and open eyes, hearts and minds. Walk out of that darkness and live the life God wants you to live. Unless you do, the rest of us will have to continue to clean up the messes you refuse to address that come out of the churches you support!!"

My soul said, "YES!"


You'd better preach, Kevjack!

*waving handkerchief!*

Chris Cruz

Kevjack, I just want to say "thank you", I first read your comments during Prop 9 and you are one of the many voices of sanity here! Thanks for being you!

Nathan James, I have heard of your writing and will make it a point to order one of your books. I appreciate your insight.

And of course Rod, for finding this story and bringing it to our attention.

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