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12 January 2009


Preston B

....I was checking my breath, smelling myself, trying to see: 'Am I offending the man in some way?'"...

Yes, because you're a woman!


Perfectly believable.

Will was waiting on his husband Jada to give him some tips on how to kiss a woman and "make it real good" LOL

It's not like he has much experience

Stephen Milan


Rod, you really are wrong for this and all the other Will and Jada stories. I'm sure they are a happy, committed heterosexual couple.



What type of man DOES NOT want to kiss Rosario Dawson? I mean c'mon ...


---->"This marks only the second sex scene Smith has done in his entire acting career."

And probably on the second third ex scene with a woman Smith has done in his entire life. "Wife" Jada included.

I Aim to Please

This is merely a step up from more Will/Jada gay rumors. Okay she encouraged her man to make the scene good. Is that so wrong???? They are an A list power couple and their reputation is on the line.

Please show me proof that Will and/or Jada is gay or bisexual. Or STFU.

That goes for ALL of YALL ...

The District Mother

Please show me proof Will or Jada is straight.


Rod...I must protest...

You have perverted the intent of the story to give it a "gay subtext." Will said Jada pressured him to do a good scene with Rosario Dawson. It does not say Jada instructed Will or told Will how to kiss Rosario. She merely said give it the best you can.

Even if Jada did give Will some pointers she was only expressing how she as a woman likes to be kissed.

This does not prove Jada or Will are bisexual. It only proves Jada told Will "not to hold back."

I am sorry but you have no proof this is a bi couple. There are straight as far as I know.. I do not get a gay vibe from Will or Jada.


---->"Even if Jada did give Will some pointers she was only expressing how she as a woman likes to be kissed."



NN, are you serious? That was a joke, right?

How can you get a "vibe" from anyone on a movie screen or your television?

Chris Cruz

NN, correct me if I'm wrong:

But aren't you the same "NN" from the previous Will Smith and black pastor posts who admitted to being closeted yourself? And saying being gay was a "choice"?

It seems you always defend being in the closet or the anti-gay black pastors.

I don't see anything wrong with the post. Will Smith is admitting what his wife said. Rod just agreed with him.

But please answer my question, dear. Are you openly gay or closeted?


Will looks so gay in this movie I got embarrassed for him. I strongly recommend everyone to run in the other direction from this movie. That's just how god-awful it is.

And to think I thought nothing could out-do his horrific performance in I am Legend. As they say, stay tuned. He is going to have to do a nude scene in one of his next flops to garner interest. Hopefully it will be him and not a body double as in I, Robot, which was another stinker. If that half second nude shot in Wild, Wild West was him he has a lot back there to see.

Face and Waist

I love it. The "wife" has to tell the "husband" how to do a love scene with a woman.

But of course Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are not an ordinary "husband" and "wife" couple.

The District Mother

Chile, Will looks gay in every movie! That's his natural face!


I have been reading in the cut and held my tongue but no LONGER ...

NO of course Will and Jada are NOT an ordinary couple! They are Black Hollywood ROYALTY! They are a super couple and they do THINGS together. They planned this movie and planned this scene so it can be PERFECT.

There are so many haters on this blog it pains me. Are you black gay men so jealous that they are happy?

Will and Jada are in black Christian love. They have CHILDREN. That means they have had RELATIONS and SEX so of course THEY ARE STRAIGHT!!!!


And GURLENE and DISTRICT "MOTHER" ,,, those are very HATEFUL things to say.

And please stop hating on our Black Hollywood Royalty.


Here we go again. Many of these black women and men just cannot believe for a millisecond that their precious "Black Hollywood Royalty" are not entirely straight.

Sorry Miss Veronica (and how you doing NN?) but having sex or a child does not make you straight. I have had sex with a number of women and am as gay as any other church queen. And my boyfriend has two kids by two women and he is just as homo. My cousin is a lesbian and she has children from a previous marriage.

Better stay around and learn some knowledge sistah girl

Face and Waist

No one is "hating" on Will and Jada, dear. Some of us just know the truth.

I used to live in LA in the 80s and 90s and all the children knew Jada from the clubs and from the Catch One. Maybe she just liked the music, you tell me.


@Chris Cruz:

Since NN went radio silent now, I will answer, YES! He is the same one who always argues in every Will Smith and Queen Latifah post and has said not everyone has to come out. Very self hating and comes across a closeted church queen.

Another reason why we need to come out and be visible.


Will has done only one other love scene, so his straight (black) female fanbase wants to beleive it's because he is so "committed" to Jada.

No. He just has no chemistry with women on the screen. Watch him and Rosario in 7 Pounds and you see for yourself.

That is why Jada was pushing him to try harder and appear interested in Rosario. Shyt, she would be.

alicia banks

it is so amusing to see how many gaybashing het stalkers in denial lurk herein rod...

i am glad that your superb blog is as hypnotic to these het fools as it is to all of us wiser gays...

like queen latifah and rock hudson, will and jada are nearly out off camera...and often verbally out themselves.. yet these het fools still deny their ruses...

as if their being bi/gay could deter from any of their superstar shines...shame!!!!


Baltimore Femme

I totally agree with Alicia.

Will and Jada are well known swingers. They are bi-sexuals. Their sexuality has nothing to do with their talent. Ellen Degeneres is gay and megastar, so is Rosie O'Donnell. Wanda Sykes is a big star.

Will and Jada, now they are HUGE STARS but they also are closeted. I cannot say if they were out if they would be stars. But I can say sexuality has nothing to do with talent.


Face and Waist, I know that is right!

And you'd better preach Alicia! ;)


Oh and Rod ....

LOVE the blog today baby. It's on fiyah.


some of these people need to stop...

of course jada knows what rosario likes. as if rosario dawson isn't a lesbian and wasn't openly carrying on with model actress whatever asia argento. and other girls. go to TMZ.COM

this is foolishness

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