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12 January 2009



It never ceases to amaze me how clueless straight people believe marriage or even a child is confirmation of heterosexuality. Just ask Larry Craig, Terry McMillan's husband, the New Jersey governor, JL King or many thousands of others about their experiences.

M. Mark

That is an excellent point ATL Kid. And welcome back too!

Veronica, you keep telling yourself that, dearie. "There are no gay men or women who marry someone of the opposite sex and have children ... "


Thank god for the USA and Rod2.0.

Only in america can a blog like this exist without a knock on your door guaranteed later on in the day or week regarding a post you made online in your own "community" regarding what is possibly a "community affair".

This is not the greatest country in the world (what country is?)but let's admit it folks, it would be hard to leave and not miss it.

I make no apologies for my previous comment at all. It is my unasked for opinion just as yours was.


Gurlene, don't even sweat it, lovely.

Veronica and several other straight women pops up from time to time to defend the honor of black male celebrities. Why they read this blog...I do not know.

And NN is (I gather) a semi-closeted church queen who resents us black gays who want to free of the shackles of oppression.


I'm gay as and I would so have sex with Rosario Dawson. She is hot, gorgeous and seems like she's down with the gays. I bet she has the softest lips. Mmm.

Eric Trujilio

Will and Jada are very adept at showmanship. They both deserve Best Supporting Actress awards for creating the facade of happy hetero black nobility.

I don't mind Jada telling Will where to kiss and how to lick it.


Jada told Will a lot more than that about Rosario's "g spots".

Oh yeah....umm...Jada should know because "she is a woman" and she did't want Will "holding back or embarrassing me."



Hmm... the interesting part about all this comflama statement is this:

If your man was ALL man to begin with, honey, why would you even have to tell him to man the f_ck up and make sure to keep it brick with another chick?

And to make a public statement about it at that?

Wouldn't she be skurred that she might put his manhood, or lack thereof on blast? Would she not be worried about being the object of his righteous manly rage, or in this case, a firece reading when they got back to the villa? Oh, okay, if it's gonna be a read then it ain't gonna be nothin' but snaps, wrist flangin', neck-rolling, a hot-dildoes-a'flying anyway. They just betta send those kidz ova to Sista Cruise's house for Xenu Studies so'd they don't knocked accidentally when Jada throws one of Will's treasured Kehinde Wiley paintings (Will screams like Chris Tucker did in The Fifth Elemant after Jada does this BTW).

So really, children, should we just accept the possibility that, to paraphrase Joan Osborne's song, Will is indeed One Of Us?


Oops, meant to edit the word "statement" out of that first sentence.


WERK Willemmia! GURL you TURNED it in SEVEN POUNDS...so much so that NO ONE saw it and you are NOT getting in bed with Oscar this year...or EVAR!

I mean, Rosario Dawson?! what man, gay or straight, WOULDN'T want to do her? she's sex on a stick and brains to match!

even if the rumors about her switch hitting are true or not....Willie should have had an INSTA-BONER and immediate chemistry with Ro-Ro.

Or, was he too busy imagining what a third leg would look like between Rosario's legs?

all i have to say is one thing, Ms. Smith:



I would stop wastingmy time replying to NN and Veronica cause it's the same BS each and everytime.

Will is GAY! I don't even believe he is BI.


Banji boi and Shade tea ...

You boyz are working it out, you are reads and aren't saying nothin' but a word!

Let me stay on your good sides, lol

Kendall Weddington

I just read a powerful article about Will Smith at www.ebmpublishing.com. The article was wonderfully written and showed a different side of him. It discussed in detail his approach to life and commitment to improving the community. It’s an engaging, thought provoking article that gave me a new found level of respect for him.


I thought Rosario and Wills chemistry was amazing. He was so tender and caring that it almost seemed like the real thing! I almost forgot I was watching a movie. Will is very sexy & I am sure Rosario did not have a problem kissing him but he was great & showed what an outstanding actor he really is!

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