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12 January 2009


Kyle Stern

A very nice start to a Monday morning. Joe is not to small and not too big, not too muscular and not too thin. He's just right, as Goldilocks would say.


This is really a handsome young man.

D. Askew

What is most appealing about young Joe is his variety of looks. The portfolio showcases a number of looks ... braids, curly fro, shaven head etc ... and he looks different in each one. Sexy, masculine and chic, definitely not thug or thug wannabe.

Oh and I believe that is Arabic btw.


Definitely a nice wake-up.

I'm not a fan of the muscle boys, this is very nice. Joe has a wonderful portfolio, very nice find, I like :0

jay jay

Yeah I'd hit that


Is this model American, British or French?


The framing and composition are excellent. The neo-classical posing is reminiscent of Grecian sculpture. This is a beautiful calendar and yes and wonderful way to start a Monday. Thanks Rod.

I Aim to Please


Not really impressed.

I'd rather see shirtless Iverson or Lebron. Or some more Thugboys. Some real men, nahmean?


Do "real men" beat up and choke the mother of their children? 'Cuz that is what gazillionaire basketball player Allen Iverson was arrested for doing.

Not a real man if you ask me. I'm just sayin'.


Bootiful, just bootiful. His but is rounder than that ball. Absoulutely bootiful. Thanks Rod. I needed this after a very bad weekend.


I have had the great pleasure of working with Joé in London. He's a really cool guy and a pleasure to shoot.

You can see my efforts here:


and here:


The other model is his cousin Junior, also from France.


Hey Rod, What a narrow waist, very hot! Can't read the tattoo, but it's definitely in Hebrew, not Arabic. The letters look like K-L K-D-I-O-T. Any Hebrew speakers out there?

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