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10 January 2009


West Side Poz

I love Kanye's honesty and realism. The man has a healthy sized ego tho, for sure...

Not sure about the atrtistic nudes, tho...lol

Sasha Not So Fierce

I wouldn't mind seeing Kanye strut his stuff. He would definitely be the talk of the industry.

Beyonce the "greatest performer of our generation"? Oh no I don't think so, boo. Nice try tho.


Kanye should stick to rapping.


I think Kanye is a cutey. I wouldn't mind seeing his goodies. I doubt he would go that far, there would be some "strategic placement" if you know what I mean.

jay jay

not sure if i want to see kanye nekkid but he says he wants to get his buff on first. i'm mildly intrigued.

Face and Waist

Oh I'm sure Kanye would pose in the nude. He is a risk taker. Now, would people be happy about it? That remains to be seen.

Craig T

Maybe I'm in the minority but I like Kanye's swagger. That's a talented and confident man. Hre has madd skillz and talent and a good heart. Cocky? Definitely. No prob with me. That's how you become very successful


i love this dude more and more. the new cd is really good and he's so dead on about beyonce. be your own man kanye...

Jason O


This boy is hot. He has talent, he has style and he has spoken out several times for black gays. What more can you ask?

Pose buck nekkid if ya want, they will eat your albums up!


Kanye is his own man, he says and does what he wants and folllows no one. If he wants to strip and pose naked, why not, I am sure it will generate tremendous heat.

Greg G

Obviously that was a joke about Beyonce.


Love Kanye. He is the only person I can tolerate arrogance from cause he is so creative. Although, I wish he was actually rapping rather than singing on his new album. As far as the Beyonce comment....apart of me agrees with him. Seen the chick in concert and if she aint the best then she is def in the runner. I believe he was dead serious about that comment too cause he has said it numerous times on his blog.


Only time will tell. I'm sorry Beyonce isn't some tragic, drug addicted, fat, dark, unattractive, woman from a broken home, with a man that beats her. She has nothing you can feel for, so some of you feel the need to smear her name every chance you get. Crabs in a basket.

The post was about Kanye and his opinions.

Before some of you start with the, "gay boys are so in love with beyonce that they can't think straight" thing, I'd much prefer to listen to Roberta Flack, Dianne Reeves, or Cassandra Wilson during my down time, but that doesn't mean I don't recognize when a woman is working hard and giving her art her all. Beyonce is giving it her all and it's paying off.


Freeleo!! I completely agree! With the way some folks are treating Beyonce, you would think she was this arrogant, talentless and UGLY B*tch! LOL! Shes the opposite of all those things! In her interviews she does not come off as a Sweet person and even GOOFY at times, but here they are praising Kanye who sometimes comes off as VERY arrogant! I don't get it!

Anyway I LOVE Kanye and the fact that he doesn't give a D*mn what folks think! He and Beyonce are some of the GREATEST performers of our time. Along with Lauryn Hill, Common, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Neyo, Amy W., and too many others to name! Unlike so many in the industry they (Kanye & B) have written most of their songs and produced for themselves as well as others! I would also like to say that I DO NOT expect everyone to like Beyonce or her music, but there is no reason to Hate on her so badly!


I remeber when "big" Daddy Kane did it back in the 80's. He was nothing to write home to momma about. But it sounds interesting though.

Maybe, after this last disaster of a movie, Will Smith may do a nude scene where it is him and not a body double like in I, Robot. I do think that glimpse in the Wild Wild West was him though.


OOPS!! In my previous post I meant to say..... "In her interviews Beyonce comes off as a SWEET person and even GOOFY at times!!"

now I know the reason Rod has a preview feature, LOL! I will be making better use of it in the future!! Happy New Year Rod and everyone else!


Thank God Kanye never has to lose me as a fan.... I never got on that boat.


That Kanye...


“I break every rule and mentality of hip-hop, of black culture, of American culture.”

Sure, Kanye. That’s why you’re utterly ignored or demonized by the entertainment industry, the press, and the music-buying public.

“I definitely feel like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I'll pose naked.”

And that breaks the rules? Is there anything in the United States of America that could be more numbingly conventional than working out and showing off your body? As if we don’t already know every mole, crevice, and tattoo on the bodies of LL and countless other pop stars?

I think Kanye is making fun of us.

Greg G

"I'm sorry Beyonce isn't some tragic, drug addicted, fat, dark, unattractive, woman from a broken home, with a man that beats her."

DARK??? What does Beyonce's skin complexion have to do with anything, Freeleo?

It's very sad and very telling that when a black person criticizes or is merely not a fan of Beyonce, her skin complexion becomes an issue. For the record, myself and much of my family is the same complexion or lighter. I'm not a "hater" or jealous of a WOMAN I don't know. I merely find her music shallow and derivative, and her range is hitting notes as opposed to holding them. She also comes across as completely self absorbed. But I'm in my 30s and she's obviously a favorite of the younger set, or at least the comments always read that way.

There are qualitative reasons to like or dislike any entertainer. Not liking someone doesn't make you a "hater" or jealous. Maybe they still are some black folks who are color struck...I'm just not one of them. And yes, this post "was about Kanye" so let's get back to that,

Eric Trujilio

Kanye is brilliant. He writes, he produces, he raps, he (somewhat) sings, he is fiercely fashionable and helped popularize the so called "nerd chic." And let us not forget he btackled homopjobia and admitted he has feminine ways and at one time thought he was gay.

I would also prefer to listen to Angie Stone, N'dea Davenport or Shirley Horn, who are far more talented than Beyonce. But I do agree that she maybe the greatest entertainer of HER generation. I do find many of her fans rather obsessive and intolerant of dissenting opinions, and will leave it at that.

Eric Trujilio

Duh! "But I do agree that she is maybe the greatest entertainer of HER generation."

Thanks, Rod and I will try to use the preview, too!


I really like Kanye and enjoy watching him grow and mature. I do think however that he could be pulling our leg but I don't put something like this past him.

Oh and loved the Garbo/Morrissey reference. Loved it!

Dutty Bama

As for fame -if kanye wants less fans I'll take them instead. You can never be TOO wealthy but then again I did grow up in the ghetto and go without, this douchebag didn't. Kanye nude? (Wretch!) I mean, really original. I'm waiting for this nutjob to buy a chimp or blow his brains out.

Pharrell Luvr

Cute weekend post, Rod. I'm totally in love with Pharrell and Kanye, they are such visionaries and positive role models.

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