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20 January 2009


The District Mother

I am sooo proud of the new president and first lady!

I was on the Mall and tried to see the inauguration and attended last night's Hip Hop Ball. And yes, I was outside the Neighborhood Ball at the Convention Center tonight. Fabulous seeing everyone all the celebrities and paparazzi.

Our new president and first lady are STARS!


Latifah, Alicia, Jamie ... child this was the DL in the Neighborhood ball, lol


Definitely hoped there was lots of "closet" space at this event, nahmean


Did Beyawnce really have to serenade the First couple's first dance? If Whitney didn't lose her voice, she would have been my ideal pick. Oh well. Besides that....everyone looks great and President Obama and First Lady look gorgeous.

Congrats!!!!!!!! :)


Great coverage Rod! I feel like I was there.


WOW.... I would really think that some of us can be adults and focus on the big picture of being apart of history. We now have a great president and 1st lady apart of our very own community to very to be so proud of.....so who cares about who you might perceive as being DL, str8, bi, gay ect... time to put the child like behavior on pause for second and roll up our sleeves and get involved vs standing on the sideline w/ worthless comments.


This is such a beautiful moment


What a BEAUTIFUL night! The President and 1st Lady were a Dream! Did yall see Mr. Pres doin the BUMP? LOL! I knew it was a NEW DAY when I saw that! Beyonce was wonderful and emotional, she gave a brief interview after her performance and you could just see that she was so emotional. I would be as well if I were apart of this Great Day! Well HELL I am apart of it, I cast my ballot in favor of Obama!! We can now say "YES WE DID!", instead of "YES WE CAN!"


DuPont Circle LOL!

President Obama and our First Lady are magnificent and their first dance was magic. They make me wanna step up my game.


This was truly a beautiful and magical moment.

Like an earlier poster said, Whitney (or even Anita) would have been nice. Just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of Beyonce....

And I am doing my service, mentoring and such, lol.

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