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12 January 2009


Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

In Seattle there was a pub crawl. We were not gonna let some small minded person stop us from having a good time.


Tyson and Cullen are WEARING those suits. Daddy! Daddy! Muah!

Andy Niable

As the Seattle Ricin letters get more scrutiny, some locals are suggesting evidence points to the perp being a disaffected queer. This story's just gonna get more interesting...

Thanks, Andy. I want to talk about that but not in a news bloc. If you see any good links (non-SLOG) please send my way. RM


I'm new here to this site and just want to say that I really appreciate this blogs and other black gay blogs. I'm new to the life,. I am 24 and newly out and am glad there is place where positive image of black gay men and black men are valued.

Cullen Jones and Tyson Beckford are two of my favorites. I loove me some chocolate.

Thank you everyone for letting me share. one


WOW. Love the new American Apparel Ad.

Chris Cruz

Freeleo, you and me both are loving that ad.

ROD ... how do you do it? I am very impressed with everything on the blog today. Stories and photos and your new advertisers. You are seriously putting brothas on the map, man.


I think the economy and Obama is increasing the numbers of hate groups

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