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12 January 2009


Scott Poulson-Bryant


I never was a Leona Lewis fan really, but these pics tell a whole other story...i'm shallow enough to go listen to the CD again now and re-consider it! lol

Rod Mc

Scott, man, I'll confess to doing the same thing!

This interview was so cool and the editorial was off the charts. I had to take another listen to Spirit. I guess we're both cut from the same cloth, lol!


Rod...I've never heard of this magazine. It is from London?

Yep, used to be underground music and fashion in the 80s, now its very fashion forward. RM

byron monte

yes, it's a UK magazine..it's been around since the early 80's..always been very influential..but yeah, i understand you don't know cause they don't sell it everywhere in the US..try universal news (if you live in NYC).


She's giving me pure ova-ness. Score 10 for Face at the judges table.

And tell Beyonce that she need not bother to walk in the Serving True Fierceness In Mag Spread Or Album Cover Category.


that darker hair really softens her nose

she looks great here


Thanks Byron! Thanks Rod!

I am not in NYC but in Milwaukee. I have called Borders and Barnes and Noble and both carry the magazine "often" they told me! Yay!

By the way I'm new here and new to the life. i am 24 and love this blog, it helps keep me sane in Milwaukee.

I will be commenting so much yall might get tired of me ,lol

Tommy Ross

Girlfriend is CAUSING IT!

I need to pick up this magazine and this CD. stat!

Oh and to Mr. Scott Poulson Bryant... I am a big fan of your work? I loved HUNG and your magazine AMERICA and GIANT.

This is so wonderful to see these hot pics and talk to Scott Poulson Bryant on this blog. I love it.

Scott Poulson-Bryant

thanks tommy. that's really nice to hear, man...and rod you KNOW we cut from the same cloth, brotha...lol

hope you're doing well...(i'm blogging again!)


ID is awesome....its very homofriendly and alwasy cutting edge fashion. It continues where THE FACE left off. I like Leona. She can Sang!


That's a great pic of her

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