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19 January 2009


Automatic Prince

I always found it funny when I was living in Nigeria how people thought homosexuality was almost non-existant.. everything goes on on the DL and yet there is just as many gay people there as anywhere on earth.. the only difference is that they follow traditions and go on to marry a person of the opposite sex while maintaining a gay lifestyle on the side..
I wonder why they were discussing same sex marriage when homosexuality is already illegal...


Well Nigerians LOVE money.

The only way to break this away is if the UN gets involved...


Automatic Prince: I remember so well the Nigerian cab driver in Atlanta who matter-of-factly informed me that there was no such thing as homosexuality in his town back in Nigeria. Of course I told him that no gay person in his town would ever tell someone like him that he or she was gay. He had to admit that was true.

(On the other hand, there was the Ghanaian cab driver who asked to be invited into my bedroom as he dropped me off. Had he already been corrupted by Western culture?)

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