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12 January 2009


alicia banks

this feels like someone shot me in the stomach...then mailed me a pamphlet on gun violence...

for the record: this will not undo bo's second strike



"this feels like someone shot me in the stomach...then mailed me a pamphlet on gun violence..."


I LOVE IT, work it out Alicia!


Sorry Obama "source", this concert thingy just isn't the same.


Obama is trying to clean up real quick, LOL! I am still very displeased in his choice in Rick Warren. I feel it would have been more appropriate to have Warren open the festivities instead of having him play such an important role in the Inauguration. This just feels like he is saying.... "Oh lets put this guy on the bill so those gay folks will be Happy!"

NOT COOL Mr President Elect!! NOT COOL!!


I like this guy, but will be the odd man out here as he nor Warren need to be there, I wish none of these so called "Christians" would be at any of the events, keep their religion for themselves and those who fall for it and I will stay out of their churches and keep my tax dollars out of it as well.

D. Askew

Does anyone else feel this last minute announcement is aka DAMAGE CONTROL?

But I am looking forward to the possibility of seeing Bishop Robinson and Queen Latifah on the same stage!



You know Usher only has eyes for hangers-on going though the initial phases of menopause!!

Mel Smith

Obama's choice of having Robinson participate in the inauguration is a step in the right direction. Although the President-elect and others might be ignorant about gay sexuality, and sensitivity issues affecting us.

Mel Smith

Also everyone, having Robinson participate in the inauguration is a step forward in helping us become respected citizens of society. I don't care for Rick Warren either, but you have to respect the fact of Obama choosing Robinson; it open the doors for gay rights! Good choice President Obama!

Andy Niable

As always, Obama proves he's a great political chess-player. He showed it in the primaries and continues to think many moves ahead.

He throws a completely symbolic bone (with no power) to the Religious Right, confounding a zealous wing of his enemies, and inflaming a zealous activist wing of his friends. He throws another powerless but symbolic bone to said inflamed minority, mending fences, and putting his "broad American coalition" rhetoric into action without any actual legislative consequences but setting up his administration to start with a tone of bi-partisan flexibility. "There are no red states, there are no blue states..." etc.

Pawn for pawn, all in all, well played. Now for the real pieces, the ones that count.

After both sides each get their man to say "grace" at the Inaugural, the real legislative and judicial work can begin--on issues that actually impact LGBT lives (job discrimination, freedom to serve, marriage equality), I hope those queer activists who got so bent out of shape by the symbolic opening move will be there ready to mobilize and work just as hard when the real game is on, and that Obama follows through on his historic pledges on behalf of us. He's not King, can't rule by decree. It's going to take all of us working to make these "promises" a reality.

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