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23 January 2009



Wow, pro gay rights, pro Bush tax cuts and, pro NRA at the same time? After reading some news about her, I wonder if she actually even has a chance to be elected on her own in 2010. Many progressives and liberals are mighty hot right now about the choice, and, this may not help Governor Paterson as much as he might like to think.

the Gay Numbers

She changed her position on gay issues once it became clear she would get getting this job. She's a conservative, and future Lieberman. I don't believe a word she says.


Yes, it's well reported Gillibrand changed her position rather quickly on marriage. But she supported ENDA, DADT and hate crimes. And let's also not forget this is a GOP leaning district and she was the first Democrat elected in 20 years. NYS, especially upstate, is far more conservative than many people believe.

I'll count my allies where I can get them. I thought the purpose in activism and organizing was to convince politicians to support you ... not rag on the sincerity of those who do change positions.

PS Meanwhile we have a president who supported marriage equality before he went into the state senate and US senate. No one, myself included, is questioning Obama's sincerity but politics is what it is.


I think she will be good for NY. Her record may not be all that but hell, nobody has a perfect record


Civillywedd.com wishes Kirsten Gillibrand the best in her efforts to support LGBT Marriage along with Governor Paterson

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