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27 January 2009


I Aim to Please

I am such a *huge* Noah's Arc fan and am glad to hear the movie is getting its daps. I loved the film and found it very empowering. Hopefully it will be the just the first of man black gay movies to make it to the big screen, nahmean.

Victor C

First the pictures of Larry Fitzgerald, then the news about Susan Rice and now this! Okay maybe the NAACP is 'too old skool' for some of y'all youngns but this is a big deal. Black Hollywood watches that show , and all the black middle class and many of our uncles, aunts and grandmothers! Mr. Polk and the cast of his fine film will be shown and if Mr. Polk will be lucky enough to win ... I am sure he will say "I'm black gay and proud" before millions! Muah! You go boy!


thanks for keeping up with Noah Arc movie and thanks for keeping up with darryl jensen and prop 8. this was my favotite tv show i am so sick they cancelled thats how i discovered this blogs rod 2.0.

i admire patrik ian polk and wish him the best.

Quniton M

I wasn't a terrific fan of the tv show but the movie was a gem.

Quniton M

I wasn't a terrific fan of the tv show but the movie was a gem.

D. Askew



Not really7 interested in the "breakthrough" series or the "film"

I will watch on DVD.



I find the NAACP Awards problematic, but am glad to see these nominations. Whatever issues I have with the Awards, I wish 'the boys' well

Timothy B

That's fine Will. There are many of us "Noah" fans who packed the theaters to make the movie a HIT!

And I guarantee the dvds will be in heavy demand by the children.


Timothy B

And thank you reggie!


Never knew who voted on the NAACP Image Awards ... I always thought it was just the paying member ... but as Reggie says best of luck to "the boys" I wish them all the best especially fine azz Jensen Atwood!


This was my show! You go boys! You'd better work ... work ... work ... Win those awards, Patrick! Strut across that stage at GLAAD and NAACP and represent!

Craig T

"The nod by the GLAAD Awards caught director/executive producer Patrik-Ian Polk by surprise when he was contacted this morning by Rod 2.0."

This might be off topic. So Rod you actually make a lot of calls and find a lot of these stories? I'm always impressed by this.

Donn S

Not. A. Fan.

Timothy B

Okay Donn is there any reason you can't wish them success?


The movie was such a pleasant surprise. It made me feel good aned tear up. I hope one day I fall in love with a great, sexy man who loves me and we can get married.

Thank you Patrik Ian, Darryl, Jensen, Rodney and Doug!


Congratulations to the cast and production staff.

While some of you didn't enjoy the film, it's important to remember it's historical significance. This is a film portraying African American sgl men getting married. GETTING MARRIED! Ten years ago this film would not have been possible. Twenty years from now the film will be a sweet reminder of a time when sgl people couldn't get married or have equal rights in this country.

Just as shows like 24 made it plausible that there could be a black U.S. President, films like Noah's Arc and the miniseries, DL Chronicles allow the larger society to see sgl people in a broader context.

Finally, I saw the movie twice; both times in a packed theaters. The crowds loved the film. Everyone that I spoke with after really enjoyed themselves. I'm not sure by what standard this film is being judged but I had a good time and so did my friends. For my dollars that's all that matters.

I just got notice that my dvd is on the way from Logo. This has been a good day.


Freeleo, that is a powerful testimony. There is no reason any black gay men especially one reading this page should not want to support the movie. Okay, the writing and acting in the series was not the best. It was a new show on a budget, get over it. But the historical significance of those two seasons will be discussed for years. Please tell me you don't wish there were black gay characters on television now!

And the movie! It was wonderful, funny and emotional. Powerfully political. In the same year we elect a black man to the White House and award then strip away the right of gays in California to marry. This was our story this was our moment!


Love it! And I'm so GLAAD about it!

Donn S

Timothy B and Freeleo, as always you bring some good perspective. I wasn't really a fan of the show for all the obvious reasons. The movie was more enjoyable and I am glad they are getting some props. Some. The historical signficance cannot be lost. But to be honest with you (and I said this in a previous thread) Polk's attitude rubs me the wrong way.

Polk has been disrespectful of the audience and black gay men and for the longest time said he didn't care about critics or reviews. Now he cares about reviews and critics. And the first time his movie was mentioned in the Advocate (where Rod writes?!) tthat was a few months ago...he was very sarcastic about this blog and Rod. I'm sorry but if it weren't for Rod or this blog, many people would not have heard of the show. They sure aren't talking about it at Towleroad or Perez Hilton.

So congratulations on the nominations but I know shade when I see it.


Donn S: When did Polk say he cared about reviews and critics? Everyone knows the Image awards have nothing to do with reviews, critics or quality necessarily. They are a popularity contest voted on by the NAACP voting membership at large. The winners are not chosen by a blue ribbon panel of industry professionals and/or critics. That's how TV shows like The Parkers and House of Payne have continually won over what some might consider higher quality shows.

But Polk is right- gay black visibility and inclusion on a mainstream black show like the image awards is significant. So no matter your feelings about the Noah show itself, or what you perceive as Polk's attitude, you can't argue that the NAACP including a movie like Noah's Arc and openly gay actors like Wanda Sykes in their nominees is a step in the right direction.

Donn S

@ Rafael:

Surely you jest about Polk's many responses to reviews and critics of the series? Or the comments in the Advocate about this blog and Rod?

As I said, that NAACP Image Award nomination is a step in the right direction. I'm also very glad the NAACP is diversifying and Polk and Noah's Arc are helping to increase visibility for black gay men. But a lot of people are helping build the community, not just that one show or movie. Respect is a two way street.

Shane Moseley

I'm looking at the movie in terms of what Patrik, Rod and Freeleo have said. The awards mean increased visibility in our community, especially at time when many conservative pastors have attacked gays and marriage. Especially in California where Prop 8 passed and black folk where blamed. We need this nomination.

Go to NAACP and vote for Noah's Arc!


Let me be another to add I'm happy for Patrik Polk and the cast of 'Noah's Arc'. This movie was obviously a labor of love.


No Donn S- I don't jest at all. You implied that Polk has expressed disdain for critics in the past but now has changed his tune. I don't see embracing an Image award nomination as changing his tune about critics. That was my point. The image awards have nothing to do with the critics or reviews. Nothing at all. And no one's arguing that Noah's arc is the only thing out there, but in the context of THIS article, which is about Noah's image award nominations and glaad award nod, it is significant. Obviously you're "not a fan", as you so eloquently stated, so it comes as no surprise that you'd be negative about this post. You must really hate it, if you feel the need to keep commenting negatively.

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