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27 January 2009


Donn S

@ Rafael:

Three things, my dear.

One, there is no "hate", I was responding to your inquiry ...

Two, I didn't "imply" anything. I quoted Polk whose views about critics, response from the black gay community and this blog are on the public record. That's called a "fact" ...

Second, umm, "Rafael", if you're so interested in the black gay community, it's odd you (and "Timothy B") only pop up in threads about "Noah's Arc." I think that speaks for itself.

Now get into that realness.


From what I've read in interviews and even heard on the dvd commentaries, Polk maintains a healthy attitude towards critics- i.e. Noah's Arc (like any show) will not be to everyone's liking- and there's nothing wrong with that. Some love it and some hate it- and those who hate can choose not to watch. But even if he has been negative towards critics or even bloggers, so what? Is that not his prerogative, just as it's yours to spew haterade on any and all Noah's Arc posts?

And where's this realness you speak of, Donn? There's nothing odd about my posting comments on Noah threads. Obviously I am a fan of Noah's Arc- hence my willingness to comment on stories about the show/movie. (I can't speak for Timothy B, but he seems to be a fan as well.) When you're a fan of something, then you're more likely to feel passionate enough to comment. I read Rod's site often, but the politics aren't as much my bag, so I'm a lot less likely to comment on those posts. Same thing with the beef-cake model/athlete posts. Cute to glance at for a split second, but not that interesting to me personally. But let Rod post a Janet Jackson story or something about "30 Rock"- two things I'm also a big fan of- and I'll be likely to post about those as well.

What's truly odd is why someone such as yourself, who clearly is NOT a Noah fan, would bother reading and/or continually posting negative comments. I think THAT "realness" speaks a lot louder, so why not get into THAT? :-)

Tommy Ross

Oh please. You want to talk REALNESS "Raphael" or should I say Patrik or Rodney? Seriously.

Moving along and back on topic...
I enjoyed the series and the movie. I'm glad they are getting some props and will gladly cast my vote at NAACP site. (And suggest everyone reading do the same!) But I agree with Don and others who have noted in other 'Noah's Arc' posts that the same people ONLY come out in Noah's Arc posts and want to argue with anyone who isn't worshipping the show or series. That's REALNESS

You want to talk about black gay "community", make another contribution to the discussion than defending Noah's Arc every few months. There is a helluva lot more at this blog than "model beefcake" and random politics. There are plenty of posts on gays and the black church, African gays, HIV, these are big issues in our community ... violence and crime against black gays ... it is one of the most popular blogs ... and Rod has cover stories at Advocate and Out and produces tv news. So "Rafael" this is isn't just a "blog" and Rod isn't just another mere blogger. If you are single issue and "don't care" about the other topic, don't expect everyone to "care" about your film and series.



neither the show or the movie were truly groundbreaking, as evidence by how polarizing both were for people watched show looking for stronger writing and character development and never got it...

and those who watched the movie hoping for DANGLING plot threads from the show to be tied up or enhanced and didn't get that either.

the film was timely because it came out around the same time Prop 8 was blazing.

But, to be honest, the NAACP Image Awards aren't truly significant. It's a popularity contest or, in this case, a very botched effort to make it seem like the NAACP is progressive and "accepting", when they aren't at all.

yes, kudos should go out the Patrika/Rafael/Timothy B and his girls for getting the nomination.

But, given how Patrika Polk treated Rod and the various OBJECTIVE critics who watched the show, reviewed it, and championed it DESPITE its GLARING flaws, Polk gets no respect from me.

And, the LOGO deal with the show? You're all forgetting about that? Why are some of you so willing to ignore how LOGO/CBS/Patrik treated you, as the viewing audience?

I can't support this. And, the reality is that the NAACP Image Awards very rarely nominate shows or actors who give consistent performances year to year and, like all awards shows, only give notice to those who either a) paid the most PR, b) knew someone in the nominating committee, or c) pandered to some lowest common denomiator that was acceptable enough for the "higher ups" to palate.

We know that Patrika and Noah's Arc don't have A or B, so that leaves C.

We've discussed ad nauseum on this site and at all the black gay blogs about how problematic the show is.

So, yes, congratulations, but not really.

Greg G

"But let Rod post a Janet Jackson story or something about "30 Rock"- two things I'm also a big fan of- and I'll be likely to post about those as well. "

Oh wonderful. You're only interested in Noah's Arc and Janet. I think you'll get a better reception at Clay Cane. Oh that's right, Patrik and the cast were over there. Too bad so sad nobody reads that blog.


here we go again ... another episode of noah's arc flame wars

ever time something is posted about this show the same thing happens. the only time it didnt happen was during prop 8

i am truely happy for patrik ian polk and the wonderful cast of the movie and tv series. especialy darryl stephens who is one of my idols. but some of the fans are just too fanatic, almost appproaching beyonce level.

some people like the show, some people dont. i happen to and will vote and support the show. good luck at the glaad and naacp! next stop the oscars!

Donn S

What Shade Tea said and then some.

I'm not going to continue this tit for tat. It's disrespectful. I'm casting my vote at NAACP and w ant others too. But I totally stand by what I said about the attitude of certain "fans" and their lack of interest in anything except for Noah's Arc. If the Manolos fit, wear 'em.

Baltimore Femme

"Noah" was one of my favorite shows. I couldn't waatch it the first year because my cable channel didn't carry Logo and then I had to buy Directv. Caught up on all the episodes on DVD. I've seen the little tv show that was shot on a budget grow into a very admirable feature film. I loved that film and was tearing at the end.

True, the acting wasn't the best (=Jensen gorgeous but so-so actor) and some scenes were a little over the top. But "Alex" reminded me of down home cooking and love. And I really missed "Romeo" from the series with the long hair. A fierce diva just like me!

Please encourage people to vote for the show. I can understand what some people have said about those "Noah" fans who "only" appear in posts on the show. Well everyone here has seen my posts for the past year. I love this blog and love "Noah's Arc". Peace.

Tracey L.  Austin

I would like to send congrats to everyone involved with the movie/nominations. Having been a fan of the show since reruns in 2008, I am very happy for them I have seasons 1 and 2 of Noah's Arc on DVD and went to see the movie by myself. I have also pre-ordered the movie with soundtrack. FYI I am a completely hetero female.

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