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12 January 2009


Derrick from Philly

Oprah should run for that seat in 2010...unbeatable! Hell, she could buy Illinois...well, atleast Peoria.


Good point Rod, because the appointment is tainted, the repubs can easily win it in the next election. The sad part (and there are so many) is that Bobby Rush and his band of Black pastors are being played by Blagojevich. They are screaming racism for Burris being turned away when the issue is how Burris was appointed, not Burris himself. These self appointed Black leaders are not thinking in the long term… which is Burris is not likely to win the seat in an election.

cafe paris

I hope Mr Obama will stop the war between Israel and Gaza !

S. Flemming

There is no way in hell I would want that seat ... I would just let it go and avoid the stress and drama if I were him. It is jacked up, but he won't see a moment's peace in that post.


To S.Flming:I am glad it's not you. By not accepting the seat, you would be being prejudice to your own self. You would forgo your life's dreams and aspirations because of something someone else has done. Are you saying that you wouldn't accept a job promotion from a boss because you think he is a lousy guy?
To Rod&Otis:The seat is not tainted. People like you minds are tainted. Who cares about 2010. If you vote for him in 2010 he can win. Also, Bobby Rush and the black pastors have been dealing with white people long enough to know that racism was always in this thing and will always be in American politics. It's called being proactive and calling it out ahead of time. Keep living as long as those black men and you'll have a discerning spirit too; hopefully.

"Ro", make your comments without personal remarks directed at me. And if my mind is "tainted" don't waste your time reading this blog. As an older "discerning" black gay man, if you implicitly trust the wisdom of "black pastors" in our community, that doesn't say very much about you. RM


miss ro, you must be new around here, there have been a number of posts on Roland Burris, both positive and negative. look 'em all up, chile, cuz reading is fundamental not for the mental...

of course burris is "tainted" by being appointed by an IMPEACHED governor accused of trying to SELL THE SEAT. that's why there is a controversy. if the appointment wasn't "tainted", ummm...there would be no controversy! voila!

but you sound very old school, ready to blame race and racism where there is none. and what self respecting black gay man talks about 'black pastors' like they know what is best for our community? you mean the same black pastors who say we are going to hell? or we deserved AIDS? or call us "faggots" from the pulpit?

man please ...


I agree with Ro. Too many outsiders attempting to determine the fate of this man. A year ago people said it was impossible for Obama to win the White House. Guess what. He won. Burris is focused on doing his job. He is going to make a great Senator, and will re-election. Only thing stopping him from winning is a poor performance by the White House in turning this country around. If nothing changes in a year, several democrats will be receiving their walking papers.

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