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28 January 2009



You know E. Lynn Harris?

I loooooove E. Lynn Harris and can't wait to read this book! You made my day!


I just saw the book in Borders and didn't even know he had a new one coming out. I haven't read ELH's last few books because he was writing for the sistahs but this one looks hot.

Eric Trujilio

Wow. I am blown away. This is really a very good interview. I'm really glad you brought up the fact that he usually writes his stories for women and the gay characters are "supporting cast."

I'm not a huge fan any longer but I am impressed. E Lynn Harris is hella successful. And on a first name basis with Rod 2.0? And reaching out to black gay men?

I might pick it up. Plus, the cover is hella sexy.

Baltimore Femme

Chile, I want to hear more about the ballers and that football player I saw him with on yahoo groups!

Baltimore Femme

And yes Rod ...

Congratulations! GO LARGE or GO HOME and baby you always GO LARGE!


Man, this is so weird. I just got my copy today. I pre-ordered it back in December. Going to start reading it tonight. I've been a fan for years.


I freakin' love E. Lynn. I read his books Invisble Life and Just as I Am when I was in high school and confused about my sexuality. I just picked up my copy today and am about to crack it open. Thanks for the reccommendation. *sp?*

I am new here and love this blog, man, you know everyone and talk about everything.


BIG fan of E Lynn Harris

I want this book

Samuel I

I'm with Baltimore. Does E. Lynn know something about that Eddy Curry gay sexual harassment suit? Is that the one who was going to call him?

Inquiring minds want to know lol

Bill T

((daps to rod))

Christian Lebeija

i'm going to be honest. i wasn't really a fan of this blog. yea i know its supposed to be all that but i just was a hater, and i come from the ballroom community and there was some beef or something.

but every time I come here i can't help but be impressed. i absolutely am the biggest e lynn harris fan and have been for more than 12 or 13 years. he tells wonderful stories and knows how to connect to people. everyone isnt butch, everyone isnt femme, everyone isnt straight or gay. i like the stories, and yes they are sometimes "fabulous" or "diva riffic" but we gay men love these things and so do women

its a great interview and rod you have my respect. you hit the bases and bring up criticisms ... i'm glad i am seeing you and this site in a different light


I ordered my book from Amazon and I think it came today, the UPS guy left a post it. Dang I want to read it now!

Oh and I am also very interested in hearing more about the pro football player.

D. Askew

Eh. Nice interview but not a E. Lynn Harris fan.

Cevin Fisher

I'm surprised you didn't ask Lynn for his perspective on the Eddy Curry case. I would not be surprised if this is the basketball player who was being blackmailed. And I also wanted more deets on the relationship with the football player. This has been speculated upon for years and supposedly Basil Henderson was based on this player. Several names have been mentioned as possibles

Stephen Milan

Freeleo, you and me are in the same situation. I pre-ordered my book and it arrived today. I am just getting in from work and BAM! here is an inetrview with the author on this blog. Work it out, daddy.

And I would be lying if I didn't say I'm impressed with the interview and see you have talked before. First name basis as someone said. Not bad.

Chris Cruz

"Well, there is some truth to any rumor. Maybe it's been more than one athlete? HaHa."

Haha is right because we don't believe it. E. Lynn and a baller? Naw, i don't think so

Steven Starr

Interview is very tight.

I've always been so-so about E. Lynn Harris. On the one hand his writing is very dramatic and divas and someone is closeted and very 'sistah girl'. On other hand he is a survivor and has been churning out hits one after another. Also very good to see him reaching out to black gay men, it's not like he is "too fabulous" for us .

I'll see how the book does and may pick it up.

Baltimore Femme

Chris, and how in the heck do you know who or what E. Lynn Harris can pull?...Don't let appearances deceive you!

It's obvious from reading his books he KNOWS football and basketball and has been seen with many players

Daddy is handsome and very successful and has a plump rump. I am SURE he can work it and many men like that. I KNOW!


I am so buying this book as soon as I get paid on Friday! (no frontin' lol) I came out reading Invisible Life, Just as I Am, And This too Shall Pass and his other novels. It's not high end fiction but it is very emotional and he strikes a chord with readers. I loved his novel And This too Shall Pass about the football player coming out and the nerdy gay sportswriter.


@ Chris-

The rumor is true. Down here in Atlanta he has been seen with a few players at games and around town. I don't know football and couldn't give you names but I know he has been seen with college and professional players.

I want to pick up the book and see what all the fuss is about.


This interview brought me back to first reading Invisible Life and Just As I Am back in the day. And then he really blew up and I was so excited that our stories are out there. I have read every published work.

E Lynn is very cross-over, but I think this is a good thing. The women who read his stories are more likely than not supportive of our issues because E does not barter in fear and shame like some other men who talk about the down low (and who I refuse to name here). This sounds like a good story, and my copy is waiting at home. Big ups to Rod for this interview!


haven't read an e lynn harris novel in years. they are all too similar, closeted athlete, bland boring gay who loves him, a diva. the end.


mercer, I'm sorry you haven't read an entertaining e. lynn harris novel. i have, many of them are very exciting.

i have to piggyback on what kevjack says. i have read them all, just like i have read all of omar tyree's work, all of benilde little's books, all of joan didion's work, etcetra. the difference is that e. lynn harris helped me come out of the closet and become a black gay man.

back in the day early and mid 90s, it was a code, if you read an e. lynn harris novel on the train or bus that was a great way to meet boys and men, or even to let the trade know what was up.

this is a great get and a fantastic interview. as always, rod you raise the bar for bloggers and the black gay community.


I have bought all of E Lynn's books (even the meh memoir and the sistah fiction) and will continue to support this man. A black gay author who is now widely accepted by mainstream black culture, you have to support you own. Man, I can remember when I used to buy his books years ago and it was such an event. Thank you Rod thank you!!!!

Nathan James

E. Lynn Harris is a gay genre "gateway author". He is one of two gay authors of color who showed me that writing in the LGBT genre is not only possible, but worthwhile. (The other black, gay author was James Baldwin.) I have followed his writing career with fascination. Mr. Harris showed that gays and lesbians have a place in the pantheon of modern American literature, and for this alone he has my gratitude and respect.

In "Basketball Jones", Mr. Harris takes a new, prosaic look at the pervasive homophobia and life issues of professional athletes. It's not as easy a topic to tackle as one might imagine. What are Dray Jones' life choices going to be, and how do his twin issues (NBA star, black gay man) affect his life and the lives of those around him? (Sorry, guys, no spoilers from me.)

The larger question the book opens up (at least for me) is "how can gay athletes in 'hypermasculine' sports like basketball balance their professional lives and success, with being gay, which is seen as the antithesis of the NBA image?"

I wish E.Lynn Harris continued success, and I'm looking forward to more great books to come!

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