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08 January 2009


Derrick from Philly

Depressing and infuriating at the same time.

I don't think this kind of injustice will reach the ears of our new President nor the Secretary of State (I aint that naive anymore), but there will be lower level members of the State Departement who will hear about this. We've got to let them know that there are people in this world who are outraged by the inhumane treatment of gay people in Africa, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

Earl FF

Derrick you are absolutely right. This will not immediately be on the "radar" so to speak of the new administration ... but we have to keep the pressure on. If we keep the pressure on and keep talking about this and calling attention it will land on their "radar". We have to make it our issue.

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Peace to ALL!

Once again, Rod's on point with a
thorough, consistent albeit disturbing accounting with links to the very upsetting and really dangerous climate in Senegal toward our same-gendered loving sisters and brothers.

Rod's has reported also the case of Pape Mbaye, an out gay 'griot'
[a singing cultural historian]forced from Senegal, granted asylum and living in The Bronx, now, while in Senegal most of the entire population is still without means of employment, too.

Without work, anger is often directed toward the most visibly different being blamed and become the bias attackers' targets.

Here, it's 'Latinos,' 'Mexicans,' [Euro immigrant accents aren't attacked or lampooned] and other
'Hispanics' that are scapegoated. Yes, at times, also killed for just 'appearing' to be gay like the Equadorean brothers, who hugged each other, got mugged and one left dead on Long Island.

In Senegal same-gendered persons are often 'underground,' yet,
'mores' about being married can uncover the most discreet person, just by accusation by an attcking homophobe, with nothing to do.

Now, persons being jailed for teaching HIV/AIDS prevention, is an most outrageous outcome and a
very threatening climate.

I had applauded in 1995 huge billboards on roadways into Dakar and around the country promoting condom use, openly teaching ALL.

As I have said before, the United States often sets the beat for real affirmation of being blessed or biasly attacked, regarding inalienable, Divine-Human Rights.

The Bush Dickcheneyship propping up weak politicians, like Senegal's President Wade, for drilling and low petrol dollars, first raises high expectations before raising hell from the people: promised more democracy but given the okay to blame same-genedered persons, when economic blight overcomes real "Teranga," its motto of "Hospitality and Respect." Equality is OUT the door running and not looking back!

I'm just appalled. My own return,
which I have planned, is made all the more precarious no matter how compassionate and constructive any of my pro bono project work and proposals may be.

I can only pray for protection of ALL the people from profiteers, especially those reduced to poverty and not placing the blame on the imperial, capitalist haters, hoping to keep the people
divided and attacking others.

MEANwhile, the politicians get away with highway robbery with no prophyllactics in sight for any of the people.

[As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal 1984-85 I taught HIV/AIDS
prevention and fired for teaching pre-natal care with midwives. I won my appeal and good name, returning three times, after being fired at a D.C. Church, for having co-chaired the first HIV/AIDS Conference to African American Catholics in 1988, yet, fired for speaking out against a priest having sex with a teen in the rectory. That Black priest, the music director, his wife and the chief of staff [of George Stallings, Jr., pastor], all, died of AIDS. Black LGBT2S MUST Stand Up and Speak Up for ALL Same-Gender loving persons, like me, supporting and serving their needs.

The Warrens of this world would get little notice and even less invitations, if those of us
"Living the Truth with Charity" got even one-tenth of the play in the press of these hating scoundrels in shepherds' clothing...].

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor
One World Life Systems
http://www.one world life systems.org

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