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28 January 2009


Shane Moseley


Terrell Owens just needs to come out already. Fast.


Lawd have mercy. That Terrell Owens is something else. Now he has his own "reality" show and his two publicists are co-starring. This man doesn't know when he is being taken.


TO is well known to be lockeroom poison, and we can only hope that VH1 does not get burned in the process.

BTW, when your publicist is your best friend no wonder you get an ego the size of Texas!

Bruce K

Can't imagine why one of the NFL's top players and such a sexy man has problems meeting women.

Unless he's not trying.


T.O. will be happy once he settles down and finds a good man who knows how to put him in his place.


Not this self hating brotha that only dates non-black women, UGH, he doesn't deserve a reality show, he's so full of childish antics, i wish he'd be GONE ALREADY. I certainly won't support this garbage on VH-1. And once that contract is over and the money well runs dry, were will all those non-black women that you were chasing be at?? DUMB NEGROID!!


if halle berry one of the worlds most "beatiful" woman can have man problems ..i dont see why its so hard to believe a "beautiful" man like terrell may not have issues too....looks aint a guarantee in findin happy relationships!


Umm, Halle Berry has "man problems" because she kept choosing men who would beat her and cheat on her. That has been her type of men since she was young. Let's not pretend people don't have certain "types" or gravitate toward the same types of men or women. I'm sure if Halle Berry wanted to find a man who wouldn't beat her or cheat on her, it wouldn't be difficult.

Lee A

there is a hidden insecurity about TO, i don't know what he is afraid of. but if he has to pay his publicists to get him a reality show to discuss it, i doubt he will be helped



I saw him with some non-black chic on two occasions, it was some sporting event/gala, can't recall. It was on one of the blogs last year either (bossip or concreteloop), don't know if they were dating but it was "perceived" that they were, you know the type these "athletes" go for, anything but a black woman.


I've never wanted to have sex with a celebrity more then I want to have sex with T.O... There, I said it.


Well there you go. If you read it at Bossip it must be true!

Nathan James

Terrell Owens will come out...after his NFL career ends, like John Amaechi of the NBA. I understand why, if he IS, in fact, gay or bi, why he would be loath to come out now. Millions of dollars and international fame are not things one gives up easily.

But DAMN, he is gorgeous! (sigh)

I Aim to Please

Freeleo, you and me are going to have to fight over this. And I think Rod wants a piece of that too.
Nathan James is probably right, Terrell will "come out" and share his story and frustrations when and if he chooses. I wish him luck ... he is sodamnsexy but always puts his foot in his mouth.

But at least he is not a loud mouthed homo hater!


He can put his foot in my mouth instead, I Aim....LOL


I don't know whether T.O. is gay or not, but by his own admission, he grew up feeling like a social outcast.

I seem to recall him saying in interviews that he was raised by his grandmother, who didn't let him go out and play with the other kids. Being dark-skinned, he was also teased alot about his looks and mostly kept to himself. It was only through sports that he gained any confidence but he still seems to be trying to prove something to somebody to win approval and love.

He has always come off as insecure and needy to me and I think there are deep roots to that. A reality show just seems like another attention grabbing ploy.

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