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20 January 2009


Derrick from Philly

It was beautiful and glorious. Like everybody else my age keeps saying, "I wish my grandparents and those of their generation were alive to it." Dr King's name was mentioned many times today. Good.


Derrick, it did bring a couple of tears to these old man eyes, all I thought about were my grandparents and others, those who told me stories about the "poll" taxes and not being able to vote until almost 1970 in Texas, it was more to me than anything else just based on the fact that it happened in my life, something I never ever thought I would see.

I wish Mr Obama all the best and my the heavens guide and protect him and his family.

And, I would also like to thank Rod for all his excellent coverage of this whole process with its bent towards issues that affect me as a black, gay man in the USA.... of a certain age :).

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