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12 February 2009


Derrick from Philly

I hope that Jermaine will find a way to salvage his life after this humiliation, and self-destructive pain inflicted by his father.

Wouldn't it be something if the cops who entrap gay/sgl/down-low/trade guys in public parks were to themselves get the crap beat out of them by a gang of gay-bashers.

Yes, I have a far more liberal view of public park activity. If the police aren't going to raid the areas where straight folks are fornicating, then don't have selective persecution of those doin' the sodomy stuff.

But maybe in Dallas the police are even-handed in how they decide which parts of the park to....oh, please, yeah, right.


what do they say about throwing stones again?


Bishop, thou son art LOOSED!

Langston Baldwin

How Shocking?
(eyes to the ceiling)

I am sure he could have found more gratifying/ safer ways to get sex. Maybe that is the high for him. Why a park? You big dummy.

He seeems troubled.
Piety can drive people crazy.

At least he could have gone online, cause the internet is laced with pleas for quickies and f$#! & Flee relations.


Hmmm, I wonder how this is going to play out in the church. Will Jermaine be asked (forced) to go to an 'ex-gay' program to pray the gay away? Will TD Jakes preach that his son had fallen, but is on the road to heterosexual recovery? I can hear the amen chorus now! Or will TD come out the box with an honest discussion about sexuality in the Black church and community...I'm not holding my breath. This could be a major turning point or it could be more of the same denial of the visibility of sgl men in the Black church.

M. Mark

i agree with Langston and Derrick. it is always the pious and holy rollers who are 'doing the do' on the side. there is no doubt his father's sermons have kept him in the closet.

but i do blame this man for not moving away from dallas and starting his own life. he probably is living quite well on the church's money

Kevin Perez

The Devil made me do it!


shame begets shame
silence begets silence...

further evidence of hypochristian bs that warrants not one iota of empathy or one note of noise from those who are bashed and ignored by these shameful jake "men"...



"The thing or people you hate the most will show up in our family"...Chris Rock

Ain't God Good?


Get ready for the religious spin of the Jakes flock.

"Po', po' passah! He sho' is skrong fo' havin' such a demon chile! Da Lawd bless him and send dat heathen to da fiery pits of Hell! Thank ya, Jesus! Amen!"


Let's pray and send good thought to our brother Jermaine. You know they are letting him have it at his daddy "The Potter's" house.


Yea, not very surprising, Miss Jermaine used to twirl through Oklahoma City and work park trade. He also does the book stores. But you didn't hear that from me.


I cosign Otis. Great comments...


Yeah Otis that is great observation.

This could be a wonderful opportunity for TD Jakes to begin a conversation in the black church. Because there are many gays at his Dallas church. Sadly I don't think it will happen.

Stephen Milan

Freeleo, I am sooooo sure they are letting him HAVE it. I wouldn't be surprised if on some level he wanted to embarrass or humilate his father. Well, jacking off before the po-po is one way to do it.


I am rolling at the comments, LOL!

You know TD Jakes is going to put him in a "prayer meeting" to push out the demons!

I wonder if TD already knew.

I doubt if this sparks change because religious people are one sided, crazy, stupid, ignorant, prejudice bigots.


LOL we are ASSumuing alot, he may not be a member of the church. Bishop Jakes may have known but that could have been a point of disagreement within the family too. We can put the " sins" of his step-son on him. Although his approach to gays may be less then thrilling. I'm sure a few of the commentors have had their day in a park bathouse or something. LOL-

Derrick from Philly

You make an interesting point, Keith. I was assuming that Jermaine was in "the closet" or on the "down low". For all we know, Miss Thaing might say, "so what if they caught me...half of these damn cops be out there in them bushes, chile".

I just assumed that since his father is so anti-gay that Jermaine would have a hard time dealing with his homosexuality.

Of course, he could also be a gay-basher like his father. One thing we learn over the years is that some of the most strident gay-bashers are on the "down low", or out in the park after dark.

I miss our "Gay Acres" here in Philly. They turned it into a wholesome family oriented part of Fairmount Park. Well, I guess it was God's will...and Mayor Street.


gay acres is gone? i remember being 14 driving down what i thought was a bike path and found myself in gay acres. i felt like dorothy in that haunted forrest. then in a clearing, there was the staff of smart place having a cook out. who knew i'd stumbled onto kindred spirits?

Rod Mc

There have been rumors about Jermaine Jakes for many years. The pastor has never confirmed nor denied.

But this is not a case of putting the "sins" of the son on the father. I've criticized the father for years on his positions. I am very interested in hearing how this will be explained. -RM


Bishop T.D. Jakes is not the most homophobic pastor but still is against most legislation that will help gay community. That is more than enough reason to dislike this man.

I like what Otis says. This could be a golden opportunity or a time to do some soul searching. Many pastors have changed positions when family members have been exposed or outed or come to them. But sadly this will probably not happen Jakes church is too big.

The real Queen


Derrick from Philly


How many women does each man get? Is that from your Bible, dear?

I should talk...I use "older queen" vernacular at times, but I believe The real Queen's speech is for real...oh, my.


I do feel somewhat sorry for Jermaine Jakes. I can't imagine what kind of pressure there must be on him to be 'perfect' because he's TD's son.


Real Queen...

God didn't write the Bible. Man did, you fool.

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