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28 February 2009


Samuel I

music to my ears

Taylor S.

Tough out there for an ol' homophobe Jesus pimp ....

Nathan James

Hate is not a family value, and perhaps younger Americans are starting to realize that!


Mugabe and Dobson on the same page:
Both are hateful old men; Dobson would hate Mugabe because he's black; Mugabe would hate Dobson for likely being a closet case.
Both have spread fear and hatred, and if you believe in the devil, they are his reps on earth.


"Hate is not a family value..."

Unfortunately it is for these people. And Seahawk is 100% right. Two hateful old men who have destroyed many, many lives.


The lord moves in mysterious ways...
::waves his little church fan::


can't wait until he and all of the other racist, hateful, homophobic bastards fall off the face of the earth! this is damn good news to my ears!

M. Mark

The only thing bad about his leaving is that they will probably substitute someone more competent for him. I suppose it’s a sign of maturity among younger families that he has been having difficulty raising money from them; perhaps his organization will just dry up and blow away.


glad he stepped down but he's still spreading the hate. be glad if he's muted. Still lookin' for that skeleton/ scandal to surface.

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