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11 February 2009



[He] makes me laugh everytime I see him.

I can't figure out why Steele was chosen over him for the GOP chairman. He, Jindal, would be the perfect fool they would need to show diversity. He is dark skinned, hates blacks, cowtows and knows his place at the table with white folks, and his kind (indians) tend to have higher incomes here in america than blacks.

He (Jindal) would not even ask them to use vaseline either. Seeing how he and not Steele is giving the response might mean Steele could be history by summer.


This guy has "better solutions?" Boehner has been hitting that tanning booth too much if he thinks that to be truth Jindal offers nothing but the same old, stale, narrow minded GOP views, only, with darker skin than the typical GOP politician which makes it harder for folks to say they are anti-gay or anti-black.

S. Flemming

They are using his behind ... he's an idiot. There are probably Republicans who won't even sit at a dinner table with him. Next.


Sad. Throwing up a dark face to show how 'progressive' the GOP is...disgusting. I expect him to be VP on Gov Palin's ticket in 2012

Taylor S.

I knew this would happen. Actually, the GOP is in exile and the only thing they can do is to put on a minstel show to entertain and distract while they try to undermine everything Obama is doing quietly behind the scenes.

Steele, Jindal, its all so pathetic and obvious.

Their only other stars are Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber. Now those two could put their heads together and solve ALL of the worlds problems. You betcha.


I can't believe Rod allowed the first poster to leave suicide bomber in his post, there is no need for anyone to further unnecessary hatred of middle-eastern people.

Don't. Go. There. The comment slipped past me. If this happens, drop me an email, or leave a comment without trying to make it about me personally. SMH -RM


I apologize Rod, I enjoy your site I just get a little upset every time I see unnecessary hatred.

No problem and I agree with you totally. Thanks for explaining yourself. Hope I wasn't too harsh. -RM

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