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09 February 2009


M. Mark

This is a freakin' outrage. The New Life Church sounds like a sex club.

Zavi Flowers

Great job Signorile and thanks!

This is not funny but it is always those churches with the fundamentalist anti gay zealots that have all the repressed sexuality, pedophilia and freakiness. It seems you never heard about these things at liberal and progressive churches, certainly not at the pro gay affirming congregations.

A. Martinez

For a 'heterosexual with issues' the 'issues' are disgusting, seedy and criminal. This man is a pervert how dare he call himself a man of God. And then going to try to deny gays our rights! Hopefully there will be some jail time.

Former COGIC

Proving once again that evangelical are a soap opera of sleaze.

Baltimore Femme

Didn't Haggard deny approaching or having sex with any other men besides Jones? What a liar.

And I always suspected about the wife. She enabled this sleazy bs.


"Formerly one of the nation's leading right-wing, anti-gay evangelicals until he admitted having crystal methamphetamine-fueled PnP sessions with gay hustler Mike Jones."

Rod, man, you are a read. I love it.

Work. It. Out!


These people have the nerve to pass judgment and fight against our rights. They are having orgies up in the church and targeting you boys. To Catch a Predator could do a whole season in this church.


I don't like the way the media are covering this. Having gay sex is not sexual misconduct, though sex with minors is. The media should be saying that three incidents of sexual misconduct occurred.

Rod Mc

LIBHOMO, I'm framing Haggard's sexual activity at New Life Church as "sexual misconduct" because he was the church founder and senior pastor. Any sexual activity with staff, volunteers, congregation could be construed as harassment, coercive, etc. There was also at least one legal settlement that we are aware of at New Life Church. That, combined with the additional charges from several other pastors, qualifies as sexual misconduct.

But the mere fact that we're even discussing Haggard's alleged sexual misconduct with minors makes the adult gay sex a moot point.


Wherever there is evangelical Christianity, you will find financial corruption and loveless sex.

It really is that simple.

Eddie B

Touche, Jim


If you want to read about sick sexual torture in the name of God then read up on the Inquisitions. Those were some sick billies out there and this man proves their spirits still exist.

Even though he is no longer with us I still believe Rev. Falwell was a closeted gay man.

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