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26 February 2009


The District Mother

Free at last, free at last!

This is outstanding news and I am so happy. We have been fighting so long for this but the Republicans and Bush were dead set against allowing us to have a vote.


LOL..we love and remember the district mother.

will it be congressman fenty?

congratulations D.C.

Andy Niable

'Bout time.

Now let's turn Utah blue just to spite the GOP.


alicia banks

great news!

LONG overdue!


I am a native son of the District of Columbia, born, raised and educated in our Nation's Capital!

I am so glad in this moment, as its one more step towards REPRESENTATION AFTER YEARS OF TAXATION! I am a bit pissed at the "additional seat to Utah to balance things out" because it's about the will of the people and there should not this continue "pitting" of a people against a people to give the people what they DESERVE and PAY FOR THROUGH THEIR TAXES!

It's a great day...STEP ONE!

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Having lived in DC for 7 yrs. during Reagan-Bush's cuts of poor, women's rights & funding for abortions; having registered the 'children' to vote in 1988 at The Back Door Pub & Bachelor's Mill, where Candidate, now, DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton greeted Gay clubgoers; and co-chairing the first HIV/AIDS Conference to DC Metro Black Catholics, I say "YES," the 'Last Plantation' needs "Equal Treatment
Under Law," as inscribed on the Supreme Court & as pledged,
"...With Liberty & Justice for ALL," for ALL of US & ALL in DC.

With DC Del. Walter Fauntroy; an Italian Gay MCC Pastor and others,
we circled the Capitol, putting the 'bell around the cat's' neck' to watch out for our rights and demand FULL statehood, i.e., 2 Senators & 1 Congressperson.

SO GOOD! Bring it to the Supreme Court. Use Thurgood Marshall's
Brown v. Bd. of Ed. victory and his Wisdom "All Law is built on precedent": TELL CONGRESS'MASTERS'
"Separate but Equal IS inherently

Make "The Commonwealth of Douglass" [C.D., i.e. Frederick] a reality, NOW, with the FULL RIGHTS of "We, the People."

"Stand up! Stand Up! Stand Up for Y(OUR) Rights! Don't Give Up the FIGHT!" YES, YOU CAN "C.D." Together, Let's Do It BETTER!

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

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