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14 February 2009



I said long ago that Democrats needed to hold their ground. Now they have seated a man who will very likely have to be expelled under nasty circumstances. This is what Senate Dems get for not having any principles.

Rod Blagojevich

I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation.


lol @ blagojevich

Taylor S.

I smelled the BS the minute he jumped into the spotlight, wringing his hands and drooling for the senate seat, and said so.

Now they've got the snakeoil salemen he obviously was to anyone who paid attention. I'm beginning to wonder if any of the Senators really deserve to be there if they let this yokel in.


And now the leader of the Illinois GOP is demanding he get the sack, which is too funny, since the GOP can't even get a black person elected as dog catcher, let alone a job in either house of congress.

It would be a shame if Mr Burris has to step down if there has been some sort of impropriety, he has been a great friend to the glbt community.


The disclosure is at odds with Burris' testimony in January, when the Illinois House impeachment committee specifically asked whether he had ever spoken to Robert Blagojevich or other aides to the now-deposed governor about the Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama.

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