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09 February 2009


Keith C

very sad news to hear about those so young. but thanks for staying on top of it


I don't get it. I just don't get it. What the is going on guys?

Damon, your comment was held for profanity. No more, pls. -RM


Sad news indeed and sadly part of a trend it seems, and, I wonder if readers here have any ideas of how to connect with these young folks about safe sex and such? Seems the lessons I learned at the start of this epidemic just aren't working within the black community.


I wonder if the report acknowledges that political conservatism and religious extremism in Mississippi society as a whole contributes to the problem.


libhoma, I'm fairly sure that the report does not acknowledge that.

The fact that high rates of church-going and Republican-voting almost invariably correspond with high teen pregnancy rates, high infant mortality rates, high rates of STDs, high rates of domestic violence, and high rates of alcohol abuse is something that our politicians and the MSM don't mention too often, let alone our stout defenders of the sanctity of life and marriage, Sarah Palin and Fox News.

I remember in the late '80s, in order to qualify for Medicaid in Mississippi and Alabama, you had to have an income of less than $150 a month. It's probably not much better now.

Basically, the folks who run Mississippi would really like to have slavery back again. But if they can't have that, they really would just prefer that you die. (Well, maybe after you dig some ditches for them first.)

Eddie B

Luther, good question. I wish i had an answer. It seems so very simple to say, "Wear and use condoms". I don't understand how you can get more basic than that. It just seems many young gay black men don't want to hear it or as this study shows think it could never happen to them.But I am open to any suggestions that work.


The role that RELIGION is playing in these cases needs to be thoroughly examined. Mississippi is at the HEART OF THE BIBLE BELT and I can only imagine what these young men are being raised to believe. That sex in itself is bad and sex with a man is worse. The detachment they must employ when engaging in same sex must be very high. But I cannot stress enough. There is absolutely and I mean absolutely no excuse under the sun in the year 2009 to have unprotected sex with ANYONE. Married, Single, Gay, Straight raw sex is a THING OF THE PAST a by gone era. The times are to risky. Please young men if you must have anal sex WRAP IT UP!

NOTE: Just becuz you are a gay man does not mean you have to have anal sex. Do not become tied to that assumption. There are TONS of ways to please yourself and your partner without allowing someone to stick their penis in you or vice versa. Explore foreplay and all the other ways to get each other off.


I like your points FAMU. Hopefully now the Obama administration will move towards a more realistic sex ed in schools and hopefully cut funding of Bush’s inept 'abstinence only' program. But even the most progressive sex ed is not going to be too pro gay or face attacks by crazy straight parents. The influence of religion and homophobia that discourages healthy sexuality will remain a big obstacle to youth accepting and protecting themselves.

There must be alternative ways to get messages to these youth...realistic sgl character on TV and movies, text messages from your local health department, rappers and pop stars showing condoms in their videos, safer sex messages on Adam4Adam???

Langston Baldwin

What else is new?
The problem to me is that a good percentage of sgl BROTHAS do is have sex. Being SGL should be much more than that. It is sad to say but sgl brothas need to learn that sex is not the only thing that we can offer each other.

Sorry I do not think - using a condom is the absolute answer. The problem is that many sgl brothas think only in terms of penetration opposed to intimacy/love.

We need to mentor the youngins' to love themselves and their bodies and also to repsect other brothas.

S. Flemming

Langston makes a good point ...

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