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09 February 2009



way to go rhi rhi! take him back and drop the charges! stand by your man!


Look at that picture. He's been looking pretty unhappy lately in his pictures with Rihanna. Sort of like he was no longer feeling the relationship. If so, he didn't have to bang her in the face . . . could have just ended it.


Word is that Brown popped her for giving him herpes...which she most likely got from Jay-Z's philandering ass.

Face and Waist

Be strong Rihanna and move on and forget about this coward!


A man should never put his hands on a woman. That's a weak move. I hope he loses fans over that. The same issue his parents had and he witness it !!!


Two girls in a relationship, this always happens. Chris has tried to butch it up for so long, he is still in character,, poor girl.

Dave F

Rihanna didn't even call the police. So much for being a strong West Indian girl who doesn't take *ish from men.


Chris Brown is a closeted little punk. There is no excuse for beating up a woman or touching a woman like that. Punk azz MFer.

Running away from the car when the police come! Trifling queen.

Pharrell Luvr

Chris has a history of being aggressive with women:

July 02, 2007. Looks like Chris Brown may not be the gentleman that everyone thinks he is. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that a South African actress is claiming to have been in a brief scuffle with Brown - all because she refused to go to his hotel room.

According to a number of witnesses who spoke with MediaTakeOut.com, Chris Brown ran into actress Khanyi Mbau at the launch of The Real Goboza - a South African weekly entertainment show. And it was during that meeting that all the drama ensued.

Khanyi claims that during a conversation with Chris, the R&B singer grabbed her by the arm in an aggressive manner and asked that she go with him to his hotel room. The South African actress explains, "I tried to pull away but his grip was just too tight.”

That's when, according to the lovely actress, her manager came charging to the rescue. Mbau tells, "Malcolm [my manager] had to pull me away from Chris." But even then, the teenage singer wasn't finished with her. The actress adds, "Chris [still] asked if I was sure I did not want to come with him."

And MediaTakeOut.com discovered that this isn't the first public scuffle that Khanyi Mbau has found herself in recent months. The young actress, whom the South African press refer to as the "African Paris Hilton," was recently involved is a hotel brawl with her husband - African billionaire Mandla Mthembu. According to reports, the fight began when Khanyi's husband found some suspicious text messages on her cell phone.

Celia Ruiz

This is a sad sad story. They are so young and already starting an enabling pattern of domestic violence.


Zzzz. let them eff their lives up. whatever

Louis in Louisville

Wow. She let him off the hook and wouldn't charge him. I guess beating up chicks is cool in Hollywood.


i have no respect for a man who hits a woman. lame, cowardly and unacceptable.


Not very manly, Chris,


Im not really sure this is a credible source. I heard from yahoo.com that rihanna wasn't the women who was in the car with chris or the women who was hit. I could be wrong about this or this could be some chicken head looking for a way into his pockets. idk


That is really bad for more detail please view the url



Well, i don't really believe some of this stuff, cuz well..this is Chris Brown we talkin about! On top of that this goes to show, but some of these lil girls in their teen year, be beatin up on guys. But as soon as a guy touch a girl all of a sudden we wrong..Think about that..

awer stive

The shocking interviews with arrest Chris Brown watch here
Hardly anyone expected such details


tragic shame!

what does this mean to their millions of teen fan duos who are already beating each other down daily in high schools etc?

teen domestic violence now has two gorgeous rich superstar poster kids to INCREASE this madness...

more toxic doom for the hip hop/pop set...



WIILL, how is the LOS ANGELES TIMES quoting the LAPD "not a credible source"? You must be smoking the same stuff your woman-beating teen heart throb is smoking.

Chris Brown slapped around Rihanna. And even if it wasn't Rihanna, it still is a woman. And this is a police case, not a lawsuit.

A "chicken head" hanging out with Chris Brown and driving in his Lamborghini? Pathetic. Denial denial denial.


This is devastating for me. I am fans of them both.

However, for Rihanna, sweetie please leave this situation. If it happens once it is going to happen again. You are a beautiful girl and their are plenty of men that would treat you with the proper respect befitting a lady.

Chris Brown just sorta lost his biggest fan. I am so sad over this.

I'm still on team Rihanna though!


I was also a Chris Brown fan but no longer.

This is a horrible story. Rihanna PLEASE PLEASE walk away. You can always find a man who will not hit you.

And Doublemint better yank their Chris Brown endorsement. Stat.

We do not need to send the message that it is okay to hit women.

Sherron Lyons

Look everyone can say all kinds of these about these people but only they know and anything done in the dark shall come to light.

Kevin Perez

I'm more concerned about Rihanna, just because she maybe one the fiew mainstream Hip Hop/Rap/R&B music artists I like.

Behind the the innocent, cute, boyish smile lies another side to Chris Brown. Wonder if female fans are in denial about this.


Wiill and Sherron are two of the many Chris Brown fangurls in denial.

Sorry girls, but you don't know the real Chris Brown. You know and image and a music video. The real Chris Brown is a cowardly woman beater. Of course many of you will keep making excuses.

Interesting we haven't heard Chris come forward and DENY hitting Rihanna.

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