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14 February 2009



HaHa, I have to confess my secret Corbin Bleu crush. ;)

But I never thought I would see him on Rod 2.0. Thanks for the Valentine's day treat ... ;)


yeah, corbin bleu is cute but needs a few more singing lessons or acting lessons. he'd be perfect for a soap opera though


Bleu Birds? Is that what we are callling them now lol

better than the claymates, at least we don't know (or don't care) which team corbin bats for


Rod, did you hear the song itself, and the performance. It was like "American Idol" on steroids.
And that's not a good thing!

Rod Mc

Oh yeah the song and the performance was not great. I was trying to be gentle.

If it isn't obvious, I'm just not into that whole AI genre. But Corbin Bleu has a great image and the camera loves him. -RM


"at least we don't know (or don't care) which team corbin bats for"

WE DON'T???!!!


I think Corbin Bleu is very cute. But ummm yea he really can't sing too well. Maybe the kids don't care or couldn't hear it. I agree he is looking good with the scruff and the lil muscles. We'll see him at the club in a few years.


...it's becoming obvious young Corbin is eating his spinach, hitting the weights and filling out quite nicely....

yes it is, the boy is phine!
but i agree he can't sing his way out of a paper bag. poor little baby.

i love his features and his hair tho. the ball queens will give him perfect 10s for 'prettyboy realness'

Papi Chulo

First my initial reaction ... LOL @ Corbin Bleu on Rod 2.0 LOL ... Whodathunk?

Second ... "Come out with a steamy music video, CB! It takes more than a pretty smile to be a heartthrob these days."

MTV must have amnesia ... Corbin is still on Disney's dollar right now ... So he's not going to be making a "steamy music video" until he leaves Disney ...

Right now he's one of their golden boys ... (Especially since Zac Efron has been distancing himself from HSM) ... Corbin is currently the voice of Disney Park's yearlong theme "Celebrate You" ...

~Papi Chulo~


Papi Chulo took the words right off my computer lol!

Corbin Bleu on Rod 2.0????
Well that's completely different , thanks for giving us 'chicken' lovers something besides the 'beef'

I agree with Papi, Corbin is working with Disney so he dioes have to keep it clean. But that doesn't seem to bother Zac Efron who is trying to butch up his image and show som e skin. Not that its working, we still know he is a young gay. or should i say 'ghey'

Corbin has a decent voice and can probably be better actor than singer. imo


We'll see him at the club in a few years.

Posted by: Geoff | 14 February 2009 at 11:37

a few years? oh I think it will be sooner than that, i am sure corbin bleu has experimented with the boys. or men.


Funny, never paid much attention to CB until earlier this week when I saw him on some magazine cover, looking more filled out. Now he's got my attention lol.

That jacket also got my attention. Thanks for linking that too. :)


I agree with R. Corbin never did anything for me until recently. But he is looking great now, very hot. And that jacket is the off the chain.


I'm with Daniel....
Thanks for a lil somethin' somethin' for those who like 'em young n tender...


Corbin Bleu is young hotness but cannot sing for his life. He is good enough for the teenybooppers and Disney kids that is what is important. And that jacket is a piece, I am ordering one as soon as I get some coins,,
thanks for links.


Being the Michael Jackson fan that I am, every time I lay eyes on Corbin I immediately think of a young Michael. I actually think he can sing, I mean, he's just finished recording an album, plus he's getting ready to head out for a mini promotional tour in California, his voice is just shot. Plus, he's turning out to be a little piece of man candy that's for sure.


he will get there


I dunno...with Chris Brown's recent problems..there just may be a spot opening up on the market at large...time for Mr. Bleu to take advantage...also..wasn't this the show that Chris Brown canceled on?

S. Flemming

I'm just happy to see a black Disney star get some shine. Good for him.

Kimberly Hoalcraft

I LOVE CORBIN BLEU REIVERS!!!! He is my baby and he looks great and he can sing really well! You have not heard him sing before at his concert! I have and he was great!

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