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13 February 2009


A. Ronald

Awww. Poor baby. I hope he is okay.

I love the glasses. He looks very sweet and studious.


i've said this before...i know dayron is the "finest" man out there but he is one of the "sexiest." the body, the package and the thing he does with his tongue and that voice, ohhh

i also respect him for taking a stand on human rights in tibet. that is not easy to do when he is so popular in china for his friendly rivalry with liu xiang.


Dayron is beautiful one of Cuba's finest. I was pleasantly surprised to read about him here in the summer. If you heard him speak you would melt.... I wish him the best and hope his injury heals. But we all know he does have a third leg!!

The District Mother

definitely a top

at least let's hope with all that equipment! lol

Aussie Mark

I've always wondered about his glasses. Seems like when running track especially hurdles they would get in the way. I guess gthey don't because Robles is the world 110m champion and has gold medals. Hmm. Different.


what is going on with these brothers and their thigh muscles? i think they need someone (me) to help them stretch their legs out better and more often..


"what is going on with these brothers and their thigh muscles?"

that is exactly what i am trying to find out. we need a close inspection lol


back of antwan. they only have two thighs. i get one and rod has dibs on the other. lol


should have read, "back off"... but you get the point....lol


You know, Shamar Sands (the guy from the Bahamas in light blue on the right in the second photo) doesn't exactly look like a eunuch, either.

Rod Mc

Thanks for pointing out his name, Jim. I was wondering. -RM

Joey Bahamas

I see my fellow countryman...his bulge is ovah! Go Bahamas!!!


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