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11 February 2009



This story just gets worse and worse. My heart aches to hear what this young man went through. RIP


It almost seems unbelievable that it has been one year since the murder. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. So tragic.

I had no opinion on if this young man should be tried as an adult, but to hear it was an execution killing AND a second coup de grace makes my blood boil.


When does the trial begin?


at Geoff I co-sign, i hope they fry his little white a** i'm sorry enough is enough, these racist pigs raising and teaching kids to hate, i say off with all their heads!!


When I first heard this story it brought back memories I thought I had long ago surpressed. And all of my fellow students were black. I know how vicious kids can be.

This little baby is resting in peace now. His life cut short by blatant ignorance.

His killer will only grow stronger if not punished. As young as he is too he is not going to have an easy time fighting off those others in the shower if he steps out of line.

There is no victor at all in this case.


This breaks my heart everytime I hear more about this case. I am glad they were able to clarify and inform the public and media, why this is being tried in adult court. The premeditation of the killing is indeed the basis for any adult based murder trail. But like it was said, "There are no winners when children die, and are incarcerated".

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