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27 February 2009



This is not even funny




If he were seeking help from the government.... I don't think this was the right way to go about it.


and of course the man is an arab, let the conspiracy theories begin


He knew he would go to jail. He must have done it to get medical care .

Desperate people needing health care


@ BL:

Ethiopians are not "Arabs."
They are a distinct culture and people. They are also not caucasian but African or black or whatever you call it now.

Let's just say the man is sick and needs help.

S. Flemming

Lord have mercy ... this is gonna be a long four years ...


A black president is that threatening to the world.



Forgive my ignorance - but that doesn't really do anything, right? I mean, once HIV-infected blood meets oxygen, it dies. Right? Or is this just a wrong theory I had in my mind for the longest while?


ditto to confused.

The man was disturbed, but I don't think what he did was any more dangerous than if he had exposed himself on the Mall outside the White House lawn.


There I go again hitting the send button too soon.

Of course I meant to say that a piece of paper with some dried blood on it is not dangerous. As a person with HIV myself, it struck a nerve that someone might think it was. But obviously it does need to be taken seriously as an implied threat against the President.

Chris Cruz

Mark I'm sympathetic to your situation but this is a problem. The "intent" was to cause fear or harm. It's against law to knowingly attempt to transmit HIV or infect someone. That was the intent here. Its also against the law to threaten federal employees or the president. This definitely qualifies.

Surely you are not suggesting someone should be allowed to randomly send HIV tainted blood through the mail? What about a test tube or controlled sample? Or perhaps walk up to someone and splash them with the blood? It's basically the same thing, or at least the law is treating it the same way.

I don't think scientists can say with 100% certainty there was absolutely no danger in this. Maybe there could have been other opportunistic airborne infections, TB etc.


The Sun-Times article, as noted above, had an extensive history of mental illness and even the prosecutors did not beleive his intentions to be malicious. This should be regarded as the sad case of a mentally disturbed and physically ill person crying out for help. Hopefully the purpose of prosecution will be to provide for preventing his further harm of himself or anyone else and not for retribution. May our prayers go with him.

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