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13 February 2009



Despite this good piece of news, the evangelicals here seem to grow in numbers and power all the time. The declining economy will only worsen that trend.

The invocation to today’s legislative session was an anti-gay sermon by a representative from New Hope Church. That’s a Foursquare Pentecostal mega-church in Honolulu with a matinee-idol celebrity preacher and a congregation of thousands. It has theater groups, dance troupes, rock musicians, Web developers, and multiple branch churches, all preaching that gay people will go to hell and that war waged under an American flag is a really good thing. And they preach this with big, broad, loving smiles on their faces.

So, this is my suggestion: As many people as possible who read Rod 2.0 need to move to Hawai‘i to counterbalance the Pentecostals and the Mormons. Our lieutenant governor is a heavy duty evangelical, and he will be running for governor next time around. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Tomorrow’s high for the day will be 75. It only goes below 60 once a decade, even at night. It almost never goes above 90, even on the hottest of summer days. And even if you do start to sweat, you can always cool off under a palm tree, in the ocean, or under a waterfall. Unlike Florida, we have mountains. Unlike Colorado, we have the sea. And in places, they are only a few feet apart.

Like everywhere, the economy isn’t so great, but it’s better here than in many other states.

So does this really sound all that bad? Is Philly-Baltimore-DC-Atlanta-Detroit-Chicago-Houston really all that much better? Do you have civil unions?

The sandy beaches of the Pacific are waiting, just for you...

kevin penn


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